Disturbing film clips from your childhood

Disturbing film clips from your childhood

Strange and disturbing music videos seem to be the mode du jour of late. FromToro y Moi’s “Low Shoulder” to even Katy Perry’s California Gurls music video (disturbing on so many levels), musicians are out to team creepy yet memorable visuals to their latest hit. This new breed of fucked-up-filmclips has since bought back suppressed memories from my childhood, when watching Rage was considered as more of a hobby than a TV show. Watching film clip after film clip, all through the night at primary school sleepovers, waking up early in the morning to watch it until 9am before Saturday morning sport; to my 12 year old self, Rage was a way of life. Throughout my dedicated viewing years, which occurred at the height of the nineties boy and girl bands, midriff tops and ugly shoes (bless those days), the show also left me with some screwed up memories.

The obvious choices being Aphex Twin and Slipknot film clips, were pretty much unbearable to watch as a 12-year-old. Even by today’s standards nothing really comes close to that level of unnecessary freaky-ness. But through the eyes of a child growing up in the nineties there were a few other film clips that scared the living bejesus out of me. So in the spirit of suppressed nostalgia, some cathartic film clip therapy starts here:

Black Hole Sun – Sound Garden
Seriously 1994, why you gotta be so creepy? This film clip is total bullshit. Bands like Sound Garden should stick to music videos that involve band members lurking around smoke filled alley ways in skull t-shirts, looking all angsty and shit. Instead the Washington born band took it upon them selves to scar me for life with a pseudo Stepford Wives on Vallium world where people have bigger smiles than Ugly Betty.

Technologic/Prime Time Of Your Life – Daft Punk
Both of these videos are equally as terrifying. Prime Time Of Your Life probably more so, but if robots with evil gummy smiles scare you more than a girl ripping her own skin off, then Technologic probably isn’t your cup of tea either. And no those descriptions are no exaggeration. Choose your visual poison and prepare for nightmares tonight.

Quote unquote – Mr Bungle
Probably the most disturbing on this list, Quote Unquote by Mr Bungle fashions metal music from old carnival-ride styled instruments. As if the song wasn’t creepy enough, the film clip is a barrage of static visuals including clowns, old dolls heads, wresting masks, hanging bodies and crucifixes. View this late at night and you can expect to have to sleep with the light on for a week, that is if you can even get to sleep.

Freaks – Live
“He doesn’t want cream in his coffee, let’s kill him with milk.” This film clip is the sole reason for why I am calcium deficient.

Freak – Silverchair 
As a primary schooler, sweaty teen-age boys with long hair were scary in general (I am proud to say I crushed on clean cut Nick Carter thankyou very much), let alone in a film clip that involved using their sweat to turn a wrinkly old lady into an alien. Baring witness to Silverchair’s Feak at the ripe age of 11 was enough to put me off grungey garage boys for life – well at least up until my twenties. Now I look back and realise just how dreamy Daniel Jones really was. To bad I’m scared of how much of a douche bag he is now. Can’t win.

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