Gail Sorronda interview

If you consider success to be living in Paris, eating Nutella crepes and sleeping in ’til midday and making beautiful clothes, then Brisbane girl Gail Reid is living the dream.

Designing under the name Gail Sorronda, (Sorronda being her mother’s maiden name) Reid has just released yet another romantic black and white collection Ha Ha Battles.  Here the former model chats to us poetically about the new winter collection and her new life in Paris.

What did you draw upon for the new Autumn Winter collection?
“Ha Ha Battles” is when one feels helpless to the environmental forces that can plague like Poison Ivy. During a time of financial crisis, empty promises, necessary evils and sacrifice, sometimes all you can do is laugh with nervous energy.

There’s sequin shields, silk velvet hoods mockingly luxurious, a cute matador poncho, a fighter with oversized bow and organza puff ball sleeves…under the guise of protection there is humour.

An Asthma Attack is cushioned with volume and ruffle. To feel comfort, one final breath before an induced coma. It takes you somewhere else, somewhere quiet. Only Ha Ha Sound. A Vertical Panther climbs white walls wearing shoulder pads. Battle Cat armour protects your voice.

Perforated dotes and pompoms hang idle and in waiting. Gathers are repetitive but exaggerated. Surprises with a mantra of discipline. Ha Ha Battles is laughing in the face of adversity.

This is your seventh collection now, as you gain more and more experience what do you find yourself experimenting with?
I’m starting to explore different fabrics and details sourced from around the world. With the collection that I’m developing at the moment I’m focusing on a completed look by adorning the clothing with accessories and embellishments. There still is a strong emphasis on silhouette which I experiment with endlessly.

While black and white is some what of a trademark for Gail Sorronda, do you think there will ever be a time where you will experiment with colour?
Possibly maybe. For fun and as part of a charity event we will be adding a colour into our concept store in Brisbane as a temporary installation. We are making accessories with this colour and dying a couple of white garments as part of this too. I have added colour for the Designers for Target collaboration so anything is possible.

What is inspiring you now?
Right now I am inspired by a new environment. Paris has the world’s textiles and invention at my disposal which has meant greater exploration of silhouette, bringing opposite textures together, a sense of discipline and the continuation of dark romanticism.

Describe your current daily routine?
Wake up early and talk to my production manager, sales agent, shop etc on Skype. Go back to bed til midday. Eat my fiance’s Nutella crepes. Have a 1 hour leisurely bath. Prepare myself for an afternoon and night on the sewing machines. Go to sleep at 2am.

How do you juggle the different fashion seasons in the different hemispheres?
At the moment I just do one collection but I just release it six months later in the Northern Hemisphere.

What are you looking forward to?
I’m going back to Australia for Australian Fashion Week in April. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends, family and finished collection.

Published on The Vine