Ms Fitz interview

Since we confessed our love for her last yearMs. Fitz aka Claire Fitzsimmons has been busy making a name for herself as a stylist, art director and custom designer overseas. Before she left our shores Ms Fitz had gained attention for her chaotic, energetic and tongue-in-cheek editorials for a range of magazines such as Grazia, Oyster, Rolling Stone, DUKE, Yen and Marie Claire, and also got some enviable d-floor cred when she busted moves on stage with Peaches, Rye Rye, Gossip and Catcall.

Since she left our shores we have been avidly stalking following her blog as she documents her shopping trips in New York, attending shows at Amsterdam Fashion Week, getting her weave done in Harlem and just her everyday bat sh** crazy outfits. Throughout the adventures the hip hop fiend has styled editorial shoots for a range of publications such as In*Tandem and Tangent Magazine and is soon to take part in a photoshoot as one of NY Time Out Magazine’s most stylish. Not too shabby for a girl from Byron.

So before she gets super crazy famous and whisked away into a sea of hyper colour prints and suede creepers, Ms Fitz was kind enough to take some time out from her fabulous NYC life to answer some of our questions.

What does a day in the life of Ms Fitz consist of? 
A day in my life is hectic! I am constantly balancing freelance jobs- for example this week I am preparing for a show during New York Fashion Week with Peggy Noland and customizing some boots for a famous blonde pop tart. (No telling yet, unfortunately!) I also do interviews and blog when I can fit it in!

Why New York?
New York was the natural next step for me. Its one of the cultural centers of the globe and I aspire to one day have a global brand; I felt like I needed to be here to achieve that. I do miss Australia though!

How did you get your first big break? 
Ahhh, I don’t really know if I’ve had a BIG break yet- more like a series of small ones. Its still coming!

What are some of your proudest career achievements so far? 
I’m very proud of myself for having the guts to pack up my life and move to the other side of the world to follow my dreams. New York city is a long way from Byron Bay!

How would you describe your own personal style? Chaotic.

What influences you as a stylist?

I know it sounds corny- but I draw a lot of inspiration from within. I read a lot of classic horror novels, old movies and travel a lot, those elements get mashed up together and out pops something Ms. Fitz. I’m not your typical stylist, I don’t buy fashion magazines or own a television. I don’t particularly care for trends (although I can spot one three years in advance, thanks to my super-spidey fashion senses) or expensive designer clothing- for me fashion is solely an expression of personality and art.

What do you think about bloggers and the current rise in fame?
Obviously, I think that blogging is a wonderful, powerful medium. It is an equalizer. Anybody can blog, so get out there and do it!