Paco Park

As the appointed fashion capital of the world, elegant style seems to be within the DNA of Parisians. Their natural ability to appear effortlessly elegant and stylish not only makes them great subjects of street style photography, but as designer Marianne Diaz of label Paco Park discovered, Parisians also make for ideal ‘real’ models.

Originally from Melbourne, Marianne has just finished shooting a capsule collection of unisex blazers on the backs of stylish Parisians in the street. The self trained designer began the collection after returning from holidays in the Philippines with suitcases filled with fabric.

“I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it all but I had a coup de coeur (love at first sight) with all the colours and the prints,” says Marianne, who is has a background in fashion publishing and styling.

Upon returning from her holiday, Marianne threw a dinner in her apartment in Paris and showed her friends the hand woven fabric she had brought back.

“My friend, who is a petite French DJ insisted I make a jacket for him with some of the fabric. Maybe we were drinking too much wine but we did some rough sketches that night and a few weeks later I had a really really rough sample made.”

What started out as a rough sample for a friend soon developed into a capsule collection of five blazers featuring jewel coloured decorative inner lining, distinct double piping and a unique slim fit. Designing under the label Paco Park, the playful blazers were then taken to the streets where Marianne photographed stylish Parisians wearing them.

The resulting shots, taken over the course of 60 days, are a beautiful example of just how versatile Paco Park’s pieces can be. Whether they are worn by a casual denim clad boy or a formally dress Parisian girl, each blazer looks both in its place and eye catching at once. When asked about the experience of shooting the collection on the street, Marianne describes it as one word – chaos.

“I’d be in a cafe or in a gallery and my eyes would be constantly buzzing to photograph someone. It’s simply addictive! Parisians are known for being icy and snobbish but I don’t think that’s true.”

With Paco Park’s Autumn Winter collection now available for sale at boutique Losing Today, Marianne now plans to develop a larger collection for next season, focussing on menswear and slimmer fits, and hopes to some day  wean herself off “the addition of style stalking!”

Published on The Vine