Hairstyles of the East End

The artistic razor styles of the nineties, often seen at blue light discos, episodes of Ricky Lake and on Craig David, have been revived (or perhaps they never died) at Ali Barber, a popular barber shop in London’s East End.

Hairstyles of the East End

Inspired by the popular and multicultural hot spot (which often boasts queues running out onto the street) renowned photographer Richard Nicholson set up a pop-up studio in the basement of the store, where he documented the unique cross section of customers and their personalised shape-cuts.

With a predominantly Bengali and East Asian clientele, the four Pakistani barbers Ali, Mohsin, Vicky and Shehz at Ali Barber spend their days and late nights fashioning distinct lines and artistic shapes that pay hair homage to everything from the modern Mohawk, Batman and street label Bape.

The result of the six week project is a range of crystal clear photographs allowing us all an interesting incite into the man-scaping culture of urban east London.

Richard has launched a book of the photos as well as displaying the “Ali Barber” series at the Four Corners Gallery in London, as part of the photo exhibition ‘My East End.’

Published on The Vine