RAFW – Bianca Spender

RAFW - Bianca Spender

MAY 05 2010

Bianca Spender’s very first stand alone collection at RAFW was always going to be subject to criticism. Without the name of her fashion powerhouse mother Carla Zampatti to hide behind, Spender’s hard work was set to be exposed to the masses at fashion week.

From the first sight of inversed black and white footage depicting baron bushland, it was clear the ‘Love Among The Ruins’ collection was going to be world’s apart from Spender’s usual structured blazers and precision cut pants. As a harp played in the background, a flock of pre-Raphaelite nymphs began to weave throughout the seating arrangement, as if wandering aimless through a desolate wasteland.

Sporting feathered eyebrows and blue streaked hair, Spender’s mythical girls were softly draped in silk fabrics ranging in white, nude, bone and ink blue tones. Soft as clouds, each dress flowed effortless around the body, some draped over the shoulder while others billowed down the nape of the back and were suspended from the shoulder by one single strap.

Over time Spender’s previous collections have showed her talent for draping, and for this season her skilled technique was showcased en masse. Pockets along high waisted slim fit pants were slightly draped to reveal the lining, while block coloured maxi dresses were uniquely intertwined to add weight to the whispy sheer fabric.
Stark white lace used in pants, jumpsuits and dresses stood out amongst the flowing gowns, but cleverly complimented the recurring transparent theme. The sheer veil had been lifted; Spender’s creations were exposed and spring summer is looking dreamy.