RAFW – Zambesi

RAFW - Zambesi

MAY 03 2010

As paper program-come-fans gave some cool relief to the over heated crowd, Zambesi took us on a drive down a deserted country road via a blurry video. Designers Elizabeth Findlay and Dayne Johnston are no strangers to dark undertones and this season the duo drew us into a sinister story that made us question what was at the end of the road.

From the corporate streets of pinstripe suits, Zambesi stripped young businessman down for a country visit; undoing their tie, transforming their pants into schoolboy shorts and slapping a straw hat on their heads.

Girls suiting, complete with corsets, were deconstructed with each look, wearing down the young yuppie image into something more fragile. Pale pink sheer layers, grey hessian checks and a hint of sparkle transformed the dreary look into something more serine. From serenity now, came insanity later as the narrative took a turn towards an asylum with cream paper-thin pants, erratic hair and modern day straight jackets.

Like most Zambesi collections, it’s not for everyone and the label’s mantra of ‘clothes to wear everyday, but not everyday clothes’ certainly rang true this season. The bigger picture pointed to Wall Street meets Children of the Corn, while up close and personal, the pieces are incredibly wearable and would easily adapt to any wardrobe, no matter how sane or insane you may be.