Top 10 wardrobes of all time

AUG 24 2011

Top 10 wardrobes of all time


Do you dream of matching wooden hangers, equally spaced apart, each holding a beautiful piece of clothing? A library of shoes that requires a step ladder to reach them all? Your own mini-store of Oprah proportions – except instead of size 14 jeans and bright suits you’d find haute couture pieces and red soled shoes? If this all sounds like a dream come true, then you’re going to love these top ten dream wardrobes. Places where grown ups can play dress ups, lose themselves in thousands of shoes and fall asleep on a bed of pastel sweaters.

Imelda Marcos
Imelda Marcos’ wardrobe is much more than just a double door walk-in. It’s a freaking museum. No matter how many shoes you can claim to have, you’ll never measure up to the bad ass shoe bitch that is Imelda Marcos. Throughout her time as first lady of the Philippines, Imelda accumulated 5,400 pairs of shoes, only to leave them all behind when she and her husband, President Ferdinand Marcos, fled the country during a civil uprising. The shoes weren’t of the tacky, ‘buy one and get 50% off the second’ types of shoes either. Not at all. In amongst the piles of mules, wedges and stilettos are the names Givenchy, Chanel, Christian Dior and Ferragamo. When she did eventually return to the Philippines in 2001, Imelda opened a shoe museum. “They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes,” she told the BBC in 2001 at the launch of the museum.

Montgomery Burns
Cruella de Ville has nothing on this old man millionaire. Though Mr Burns and the dalmation slaying Disney star both had the plan to turn puppies into pret-a-porter, Mr Burn’s thirst for animal-turned-clothing fashion went far beyond fur. According to him he turned his cat into a hat, had slippers made from albino African endangered rhino, underwear made from a grizzly bear,  turtle neck tops made from actual turtles and so on. In total, Mr Burns’ animal-infused wardrobe consists of 10 items. Though during work hours he commonly wears a simple blue suit, his most beloved item of clothing is a vest made from gorilla chest.

Cher Horowitz
If you grew up in the nineties chances are your dream wardrobe consistes of colour co-ordinated revolving racks. This fetish for flowing hangers comes thanks toClueless character Cher Horowitz, the rich girl with a million pastel sweaters, tartan skirts and berets, but with ‘nothing to wear.’  Not only did Cher’s wardrobe comprise of the best of the nineties (by passing the grunge phase completely) she was also blessed with a very high-tech (at the time) electronic outfit program that would show you what your outfit would look like before trying it on.

Suzanne Saperstein
Known as one of the biggest consumers of haute couture, Suzanna Saperstein is a rather fabulous blonde LA socialite and the survivor of a very un-fabulous divorce with her now ex-husband, Texan billionaire David Saperstein. He left her for the nanny, entitling her to a lot of money. At her daughter’s circus themed bat mitzvah, Suzanne wore her version of a clown suit, made by Givenchy Couture. But she’s not just a valued couture customer, she’s a VIP who’s not afraid to ask for perks. After making a purchase Saperstein often asks the designer to sketch her wearing the piece, later hanging it on her wall. John Galliano, John Paul Gaultier and the late Alexander McQueen have all granted her requests. In addition to framed couture sketches and haute couture pieces Saperstein also has an enviable range of Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags.

Danielle Steel
In 2010 romance novellist Danielle Steel was outed as the world’s number one Louboutin customer. Revealed by Christian Louboutin himself, the designer told the press that Danielle Steel owned 6,000 pairs of his red soled shoes, estimated to be worth £2 million in total. With 365 days in the year, Danielle could wear a different pair each day for a good 16 years before she’d ever have to repeat again.

Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie Bradshaw’s TV series tiny walk-in-closet was the magical wardrobe that just kept on giving. With very few outfit repeats to be seen over six seasons, Carrie’s closet was something of a mystical portal to Barneys. Like Narnia but instead of finding a lion and a witch in her wardrobe you’d come across a nude Roberto Cavalli top, a vintage rabbit fur coat and a stupid amount of Manolo Blahniks. Despite the twilight zone cupboard, Carrie still admitted to keeping sweaters in her oven, not to mention Vogue magazines in her bathtub – someone get this girl some vacuum packs already! But before we get into storage issues and the fact that a writer with a weekly column could hardly afford the buttons on a Chanel suit, in the first Sex and the City movie Mr Big miraculously managed to build Carrie a very decent, say three metre long, walk-in wardrobe. An impossible feat considering they lived in a penthouse, where it would be rather difficult to do an extension. Hey I’m no building expert but I’ve watched a few home-reno shows in my life time and I dare say, much like her income vs expenses, Carrie’s wardrobes are very much of the fantasy kind.

Daphne Guinness
The heiress with a taste for couture would have to have one of the most enviable wardrobes in the world. As a long time muse to Alexander McQueen, Daphne’s collection of haute couture, directional clothing and one off pieces is extensive. In addition to her overflowing wardrobe, she recently purchased Isabella Blow’s entire clothing collection before it went to auction. The collection includes McQueen’s graduate collection and numerous Phillip Treacy hats. But according to Daphne, the collection was not bought as a mere addition to her own wardrobe, but more out of respect for Blow and her legacy.”It would not be merely a sale of clothes; it would be a sale of what was left of Issie, and the carrion crows would gather and take away her essence forever,” she told the Financial Times. Early this month it was announced that Daphne’s wardrobe will be displayed in an exhibition curated by the Valerie Steel and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Elizabeth Taylor
Imelda Marcos is the age old queen of shoes, Suzanna Saperstein knows her couture, but no one beats Elizabeth Taylor when it comes to jewellery. In total her collection was worth over US$150 million. But it wasn’t so much the quantity of Taylor’s collection, but rather the quality. From tiaras to necklaces, earrings and giant rings, Taylor’s jewellery box included Bulgari, Cartier, Boucheron, Chopard, Gerard, Tiffany & co, JAR, Ruser, Schlumberger, Van Cleef & Arpels and David Webb. Of all the pieces, the Taylor-Burton 69.42 carat pear shaped diamond is the most famous piece, bought for her by Richard Burton in 1969 for US$1 million.

Grace Jones
Though she’s famous for often not wearing anything at all, the clothes found in Grace Jones’ wardrobe would certainly have some amazing stories to tell. I know a lot of people will be thinking that Gaga or Beyonce should be on this list, but trust me, if there was no Grace Jones to pave the way then Haus of Gaga would probably look very different. Once a muse for Issey Miyake and a cover model for Vogue, Grace is the ultimate diva with a taste for the outlandish and shiny. The ultimate drag queen wardrobe.

Iris Apfel
Though Elizabeth Taylor wins when it comes to diamonds, Iris Barrel Apfel’s zest for accessories is truly one of a kind. The colourful 90 year old is an American fashion icon, known for her knack for accessories, styling and design. Once working as a textile designer, Iris now dabbles in accessory design and continues to inspire designers around the world. Like many of the dream wardrobes we’ve discussed, Iris’ collection of clothing and accessories was showcased at the Metropolitan Museum in 2005. Entitled ‘Rare Avis,’ the eclectic collection featured flea market finds, mixed with de la Renta, Ungaro, Lanvin Haute Couture and Dior Haute Couture. Without a doubt, my favourite dream wardrobe.

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