Top ten movie makeovers

There is nothing quite like a good makeover in a movie. Although the motives may be questionable, whether it’s a coming of age, nerd to popular or prostitute to lady, the transformation is always a joy to watch. One woman going through such a real life transformation at the moment is Miss Miley Cyrus. And in the spirit of Miley’s much publicised makeover, I thought we could all take this momentous moment to look back on the best makeovers as provided to us by cinematic film – namely chick flicks and teen movies. Here are my top ten.

Squeaky clean Australian cheerleader Sandy arrives at American high school and is taken under the wing of the Pink Ladies to become ‘cool’ and help win back the heart of heart throb and teen rouge Danny Zuko.
Token Reveal:

Makeover: Sandy’s hair is permed, her poodle skirt is swapped for skin tight lycra and her au natural face is painted with red lips and smokey eyes.

Questionable Movie Moral: Take up smoking, wear tight pants and boys will like you.

Grungy teen from the wrong side of the tracks Tai is adopted by a prissy rich girl, namely Cher, who has a revolving closet and wears Azzedine Alaia to house parties.

Makeover: Tai’s out of a packet red hair is toned down to a more natural hue and her flannel shirts and baggy jeans are replaced with midriff tops, tartan skirts and knee high socks.

Questionable Movie Moral: Don’t give ‘uncool’ girls makeovers because sometimes they can become more popular than you.

My Fair Lady
Cockney street rat Eliza Doolittle is taken under the wing of Henry Higgins who vows to turn her into a lady.
Makeover: From drab crazy bag lady layers, Eliza is given the full treatment, cut, colour, wax and is stitched and pulled together in some of the craziest of couture.

Questionable Movie Moral: No matter how much you try and be a lady, guys are still total suckers for woman who talk trash

She’s All That
Eccentric and clumsy art student Laney Boggs gets caught up in a bet between Freddy Prince Junior and Paul Walker to see who can turn her into a prom queen, and thus the makeover begins.
The Token Reveal:

Makeover: Laney brushes her hair, takes off her glasses, puts on a very nineties red dress and shows a bit of cleavage.
Questionable Movie Moral: The moral probably wasn’t so questionable as I’m guessing it had something to do with inner beauty and alike. To be honest all I can remember is the dance that they do when Usher djs at the prom and Freddy Prince Junior dances around with a hacky sack.

The Breakfast Club
Angsty teens share an afternoon of detention together. In amongst the coming of age activities the popular girl Claire gives the awkward misfit Alison a makeover. Alison then lives out every girls dream and hooks up with Emilio Estevez.
Makeover: Popular girl Claire turns Alison into a clone complete with white frilly top, headband and peaches and cream makeup.
Questionable Movie Moral: The only thing angsty misunderstood teens really want is a makeover

Death Becomes Her
Dowdy writer Helen Sharp had her husband stolen from her by actress Madeline Ashton. After putting on a few kilos and having a breakdown, Helen plots her revenge on Madeline, starting with one hell of a makeover.
The Token Reveal

Makeover: Through a mysterious potion that offers eternal youth, Helen goes from fat frumpy housewife to glassey eyed blonde femme fatale. Questionable Movie Moral: Youth is beauty. Meanwhile Meryl Streep still looks amazing

The Devil Wears Prada
Aspiring writer Andy moves to New York and wears a cerulean jumper to the offices of a fashion magazine. Get’s a makeover thanks to a gay fairy godfather named Nigel and continues on her career path in designer labels.
Makeover: Andy is given a fringe and Chanel everything
Questionable Movie Moral: Anne Hathaway looks good no matter what, but looks even better with a blunt fringe and Chanel blazer.

Pretty Woman
Street walker and total prostitute Vivian is picked up by a rich businessman for her services and is asked to act as his date during business functions. With the help of a hotel manager, Vivian is given a makeover to help her fit in with high society.
The Token Reveal

Makeover: Vivian trades her bad blonde wig, over the knee boots, crop tops and tankinis for the very best (read worst) of nineties fashion including off-the-shoulder lace dresses, chokers, straw hats, white gloves and polka dot dresses.
Questionable Movie Moral: Julie Roberts looked better as a prostitute than she did as a fashionable woman of the early nineties

The young daughter of a rich family’s chauffeur dreams of attending their fancy parties. Goes to Paris, undergoes a makeover, comes back home and totally owns the party.
The Token Reveal:

Makeover: Sabrina goes from girl to woman with a very chic pixie cut and swaps her peasant day dresses for tight fitting ball gowns and elbow gloves
Questionable Movie Moral: Audry Hepburn is stunning and no female will ever live up to her beauty. How depressing.

Strictly Ballroom
Nerdy Fran takes up amateur ballroom dancing. Dance champion Scott sees potential in Fran and begins practicing with her, much to the dismay of the dancing community and his family.
The Token Reveal:

Makeover: Fran takes her glasses off, pulls her hair back slightly and keeps to a refreshing au natural look on the dancefloor with minimal makeup and a sexy red flamenco dress.
Questionable Movie Moral: No one looks pretty wearing glasses

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