Colony girl is said to be a jet-setting gypsy. A concoction of words like ‘disheveled’, ‘creative’ and ‘natural’. She’s more the girl you’d rather be yourself than befriend. By night you could be your sweet yet awkward self but by day, with the help of a bitchin pair of Colony frames, you could be some unpredictable cat-eyed vamp. Like a sunglasses wearing super hero, in reverse.

In any case Brisbane designer Jessica Shipard is the Charlie to your angel. The Colony girl’s champion matriarch. Jessica dreamed up her girl and label Colony during her years at the Queensland Collage of Art and unveiled the jet-setting femme during her design graduate exhibition. And just like a speeding bullet, stockists came knocking.

With a love for quiet luxury and good, nay great design, Colony’s first collection is made up of boldly beautiful sunglasses and scarves. Cat eyed in shape and offering 100% UV protection, the acetate frames are hand crafted in an Adelaide studio. Such craftsmanship can be seen in the geometric cut outs which cleverly reveal the glasses frame work.

For when more protection and disguise is necessary, a girl can turn to the labels’ hyper coloured scarves. Sold under the collection Dawn of the Giants, the styles feature painterly digital prints on silk satin or silk wool. Perfect for when a girl needs to shield herself from the sun, bad hair days or the occasional villan.

Published on Fourthousand