Molten Relic

The relatively new Molten store is an online portal for the curious at heart. For those that, like us, can’t help but be drawn to jewellery’s current and full fledging journey into the unknown. And while Molten is far from blowing out its first birthday candles, the store that currently stocks Aandra Neen, Estelle Deve and Lo-Luv by Erin Wasson, just to name a few, is already giving birth to its very own limited range.


As the name suggestions, Molten is raw and rock-centric. Metal cages, rough pyrite rings and wispy chains are just some of the currently sold highlights. The store’s new limited edition collection, entitled Molten Relic, builds upon this organic aesthetic. Molten’s owner Jessy Cameron, describes the range as “a treasure chest that hints at our infatuation with the bohemian, the obscure, and the sentimental.” We see it as a cleverly curated collection of flea market finds. The hard work has been done for you. Now all you have to do it choose between a sleek gold choker or quartz crystal ring. Or both. Then again, perhaps there is still some hard work left to do.


While items like the Clever Bones clutch featuring cowrie shells or sterling silver Shore Silence ring may sound like fall backs to the nineties, an era when we’d spend our measly $6 an hour wages on shell necklaces from City Beach and sterling silver toe rings (bless those days), if you run your eyes over the above look book there’s no mistaking that Molten Relic is very much for the grown ups and those with sentimentality for their carefree, jewellery adopting wonder years.


The collection also hints at beach holidays and Christmas stockings; totes featuring raffia and macramé beg to be beachside while the appealing price point averaging $69, puts Molten Relic as a high contender for any festive wish list. If this is what Molten comes up with a mere four months after entering the online retail game – we can’t wait to see what’s next.


Photography: Dan @ Red Eclipse Photography

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