Ash to Gold

The Ash to Gold flagship store could very well be the home of a mermaid – minus the water. A sweet little Winn Lane nook where chandeliers are made of shells, bricks shine like gold, and ceilings are clouds of tissue. It is here, in this cave of wonders, that you can shop Ash to Gold’s very own label, spy some sparkling gold goodies and phone home on a statuesque gold vintage phone.

Though it doesn’t look it, this lovingly lavish boutique is a DIY project. From the tissued ceiling to the label’s multi strand crop tops, all has been created by the label’s owners. And it’s that midas touch and hand sewn details that make the store truly shine.

Hanging from a single branch is Ash to Gold’s latest range (sewn at home in Brisbane), complete with muted shades and the mermaid-like textures. Cream fabric folds on a bodice dress appear like scales while flowing ash coloured skirts and a smoking chocolate print ooze siren appeal. If you’re in search of gold cuffs, spike rings and other treasures, you won’t find it buried, just take a look in the giant perspex pyramid.

Published on Fourthousand