Island in the Sun

Well I’m back from my island getaway, refreshed and ready to type like a crazy person! The island we went to was Norfolk, an Australian territory that is completely underrated. A cross between Tasmania, New Zealand and Fiji, Norfolk is small, intimate and completely beautiful. Rugged cliffs, green hills, people-free beaches and clear waters. We had such a blissful time! I didn’t want my time there, or my killer beach hair, to end.

For anyone looking for a quick break, I can’t rave about the island enough. We spent our days swimming in lagoons, driving through countryside, hiking down mountain sides to reach amazing beaches, indulging in spa treatments and eating the most amazing food. All of the vegetables, fruit and meat available are grown on the island – all organic! Avocado plants are considered weeds! There are also no predators or pests on the island (no snakes, no rabbits, no lizards, no mosquitos) so chickens and cute baby chicks roam free on the island. Cows are also everywhere and act as the island’s lawn mowing system while a reef surrounds the island, protecting it from sharks.

In addition to being an ideal holiday destination Norfolk is an amazing spot for photography, painting and creativity in general. I couldn’t help but envisage numerous photoshoot concepts. Giant trees, forests, pine country, convict ruins, caves, countryside, horses, cliffs, jetties, pontoons, rock pools – you name it, Norfolk has it. The island even has an ancient grave yard featuring graves that date back to the 1820s. When we visited the site the weather was incredibly misty and oh so spooky and when we headed back to our cabin we even drove through clouds! Was a bit of a drama fighting the mist when our plane was set to depart but we made it in the end.

Emily Bay – the best place to swim

 Being a mermaidFern Gully

Anson Bay – The most amazing deserted beach

Can you tell I really want to be a mermaid?

Mum and I looking fresh at the airport

Thankyou to our lovely host Troy of Mokutu. The resort’s A-fram cabins are simply gorgeous and the on-site restaurant Sublime Lounge served us up some amazing meals – and cocktails! Am planning to write a feature on the island and its up and coming culinary tourism industry soon so stay tuned.

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