Di$count Univer$e

Design team Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James are the creators of not just a fashion label, but a universe.The Di$count Univer$e. In this universe leather jackets ooze studs and shoes are spelt with a capital $ and end in a ‘z’. It’s a place where fashion irony is pissed on with glitter, label slaves are assaulted with sequins and people who are anti-fashion and pro-style are embraced.

Within the hyper-colour online universe are five worlds; Arti$anal, Tra$h, Dead$tock, Merch and $hoez. But don’t let all the $$$ fool you, this isn’t a universe run by corporate fat cats. In the Di$count Univer$e you get what you pay for. The Arti$anal range features one-off patchwork pieces and bespoke studded jackets, some of which can take up to 90 hours to hand stud. Considering that there are sad leather jackets with similar price tags roaming your local chain stores, Di$count’s couture pieces are a steal.

For cheap thrills and quick fixes, their Tra$h collections are the stuff of Stevie Knicks’ dreams while Dead$tockis full of sequinned pieces worthy of a Spice Girl. Your mum might not approve of some of the merch tees but would have nothing but nice things to say about the printed tote bags. Maybe it’s time she enters the Di$count Univer$e too?

Published on Fourthousand