Knots and Knits

Have you seen those delicious chunky knits swanning around on the European blogs? Oh how I dream about bathing in those babies but for obvious reasons there’s a limit to the amount of knit a Queenslander can have in their life. Megan Todd is another knit fiend that shares this same woollen fantasy. But instead of wiping her tears with the yarn section at Lincraft, Megan has picked up her knitting needles and created Knots & Knits.

Using yarns ideal for our climate such as light weight cotton, silk and wool blends, Knots and Knits’ debut collection is made up of hand made macramé necklaces featuring feathers and beads, as well as knitted roping bags. As you can probably tell, these intricate knots are hardly the work of a novice. Megan is a pro when it comes to looping and purling, recently working alongside innovative designer James Long in London.

After pushing the boundaries of knitwear in the northern hemisphere, Megan is now back in her home town and determined to create knitwear for our climate. Sure it’s warm in these parts, but imagine the cosy knitwear we can look forward to in winter!

Published on Fourthousand