All That Remains

Introducing my latest label crush All That Remains, an elusive Australian label designed by Sydney sider Leah Lockley. There has been very little press on the label but from what I can tell the above images are from the label’s second collection entitled ‘The Knowing.’ There is something incredibly nostalgic about All That Remains. It’s bohemian and whimsical but in a very simplistic and luxurious way. In addition to its nomadic Never Ending Story styling, one of my favourite elements of this collection is the too-die for textures; macrame, velvet, fringing, fleece and all of those yummy, feel good things.

The opposite Limit To You Love velvet jacket would have to be one of my favourite pieces. On the wrong person it could very much look like a medieval, pagan costume, but teamed with a modern leather short or something equally as structured and it would look utterly seductive and bewitching. I also love the crystal crown it has been styled with. And how gorgeous is the rocky background? There are so may things to love. I think I’m going to have to pitch to write about the label very soon.





A couple of days after I began cooing over the collection,my mother happened to call me to tell me Jesus Christ Superstar was on TV – a family favourite. While watching it with glee I couldn’t help but see the similarities of the movie’s seventies costumes with All That Remains. The earthy tones, the loose layers, the comforting textures. That velvet jacket wouldn’t look out of place on Mary Magdalene, or even Judas. Ahhh such a good movie.


Images sourced from Desordre and Spanish Moss Vintage.