Stars in Her Eyes


 Photography: Tracey Lee Hayes.

Models: Kirsten Rios Cameron @ Maverick’s. Micaela Dietrich & Arrielle @ Giant.

Hair & Make up: Greer Melrose.

Styling: Kirsty Barros


Do you have stars in your eyes? Kirsty Barros does. I think I’ve written about Kirsty a million times, but only because she never ceases to amaze me. The dreamy images above were styled by her and feature Makers of Belief clothing, her magical vintage label which she sources while on adventures in North and South America. In addition to selling her finds as Makers of Belief, she also collections and curates vintage collections for Sportgirl and Arabella Ramsay. Like I said, she has stars in her eyes, and it’s working for her.

Though I’ve never met Kirsty, she’s another of my girl crushes and I’m a total sucker for what she does. The adventures she must have and the clothes that she finds along the way make me weak at the knees. As illustrated above she’s also an incredible stylist. Telling stories of road trips and friendships through one-of-a-kind clothes. What I wouldn’t do to don a sequinned peace sign bikini, silver crown and hit the road with my girlfriends in a beat up bus. We’d sing along to Friends, No Doubt and Azealia Banks, stop in at truck stops for fries and shakes, dance on tables and break hearts along the way. Yep, I’ve got stars in my eyes too.