Ten Fashion Films that should be made

Fashion has always had a rather friendly relationship with film. Over the years they’ve flirted with make-over scenes and ball gown moments. It’s only more recently however that fashion has increased its sexy gaze, seducing film into allowing it to blossom into an all out genre of its own. But with only a few magazine stories and Chanel adaptations, there’s still a little way to go before fashion has an aisle at the DVD store (just kidding, we know those won’t exist in a few years). Here are ten potential fashion tales that could help pad out the offering.

1. Sex: The Vivienne Westwood Story

There have already been a few documentaries made about Vivienne Westwood’s dominent role in the creation of punk fashion, but a true immersion within the anarchic London era would make for fantastic viewing. Not only does she have an inspiring and colourful journey, but there is also a strong romance plot line between her and Malcolm McLaren, for whom she left her first husband.  An obvious choice for the role of Vivienne would be fellow British kook Helena Bonham Carter with Rhys Ifans playing the part of Malcolm.

2. The September Issue – Italian Vogue

If you thought The September Issue documentary on American Vogue and Anna Wintour was interesting, imagine what it would be like to gain a behind the scenes glimpse of Vogue Italia. A publication that boasts some of the most risque and over the top photo shoots, from oil-spill settings to fashionable ‘models in rehab’ reenactments. Is Steven Meisel as annoying as Mario Testino? Is Franca Sozzani as awesome and crazy as she seams? Is Anna Piagi Grace Coddington on angel dust? These are all questions I want answered and a documentary would be the perfect fix.

3. Schiaparelli

A movie on Elsa Schiaparelli is long overdue, and now that the MET has brought the Italian designer into the spotlight with their exhibition Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations, surely a flick is next. While Chanel’s label and legacy lasted the test of time, her greatest rival during the twenties and thirties failed to survive the industrial changes that followed World War II. Prior to her label’s demise, Schiaparelli was hugely influential, collaborating with surrealists such as Dali and Cocteau and creating icons like the lobster dress and shoe hat. I would love to see Sophia Coppola bring Elsa’s story to life, and while Judy Davis did a pretty good job of playing her in Baz Luhrmann’s short film for the MET exhibition, I think a true Italian deserves the role – perhaps Isabella Rossellini?

4. Marc Jacobs: The Musical

Considering his wicked sense of humour, I feel it’s only natural that a movie on the life of Marc Jacobs be presented in musical form, complete with not-so-subtle male porn star jokes, rehab gaffs and double entendres. In my fantasy musical, the role of fat to thin, addict to fit Jacobs would be played by Ty Burrell, who also plays the dad from Modern Family, while everyone else would be played by muppets, with Miss Piggy as Kate Moss.

5. Oy vey: the Rise and Fall of John Galliano

A much more serious story is that of John Galliano, the once revered now disdained designer for Christian Dior. Ideally played by Sean Penn, as only Sean Penn could, the biopic would offer a unique insight into John’s personal life and what demons he was struggling with when that now infamous rant took place.

6. Karl Lagerfeld in Outer Space

I’m probably jumping the gun here but I think it’s only a matter of time before Karl either moves his entire life into outer space or starts producing sci-fi films. Or both. In this designer space blockbuster, Karl would swap his life on Earth for a more clean and clinical planet where everyone looks like Sasha Pivovarova (with all co-star roles played by Sasha Pivovarova) and cats, much to Karl’s only dream, can talk. Karl would of course star as himself, while simultaneously filming, directing, producing and creating the soundtrack for the movie. Easy as bro.

7. Glossy Giants

Since we all loved the Ita Buttrose retrospective as seen in the ABC’s Paper Giants, I think another media installment is in order, this time following the story of newly ousted Editor of Vogue, Kirstie Clements. Considering Kirstie had been at Vogue for thirty years, I’m sure there are plenty of glass ceiling stories and cover model dramas to share. Not to mention the series’ dramatic season finale in which she is unexpected sacked for a rival editor and moves to Paris to write a book. Judy Davis would play a fantastic Clements while fellow journalist and industry friend Grant Pearce could be portrayed by a scrubbed up Callan Mulvey (yes, Drazic).

8. The Versace Legacy

The story of Gianni Versace’s murder followed by the label transferring to his sister Donatella is made for the big screen. The plot could go one of two ways, either focussing on the murder of Gianni and the fashion world’s reaction to the tragedy, or a close look at Donatella, examining what her relationship was like with Gianni and how she decided to step up in his place. The latter alternative interests me more. Was she pressured? Did she deal with backlash? And how did she go about successfully stepping into the role of making Versace her own? It would also be interesting to see what her relationship is like with her daughter Allegra who inherited $700 million from Gianni when she turned 18. Based on looks alone, Lindsay Lohan would be a shoe in for the role of Donatella with a grey haired Andy Garcia playing Gianni.

9. Phantom of the Maison; Martin Margiela

A successful and respected designer who has never had his picture taken – now there’s a movie I’d love to see. Apart from studying fashion at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts and being an incredible talent, very little is known about the phantom that is Martin Margiela. Never allowing interviews, his only communication with press was via fax. As we don’t know what he looks like, it’s very hard to recommend an actor. Nah screw it – let’s go with Gael Garcia Bernal. Plus I think it should be in black and white. With lots of dramatic music and seductive stares from Gael.

10. Nobody Should be that Clever and Successful so Young: Hate You/Love You: The Tavi Gevinson Story

Since I’ve tried and failed countless times to hate on Tavi Gevinson, I’m bound to end up hating then subsequently loving a movie on her. She’d be played by a better looking Hollywood adaptation in the form of Elle Fanning. Sure there may be a height difference but there’s special hobbit-style effects for that. Plus they are both in with the Rodarte designers so there’d be plenty of awesome costume changes and different hair colours. The real Tavi could also do the indie-as-fuck soundtrack to the film. Because she’s awesome like that. Love you Tav!

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