Velvet Sun


She was a dream in velvet. Crushed, dyed, draped, she liked it all and the way it felt against her skin. Warm, soft and fuzzy, like a fabric shield that protected her from harm and her kryptonite; the cold.
She’d often tell people she was cold blooded. Cold skin, warm heart as they say. And like her fellow cold blooded creatures, she was constantly drawn to the sun, basking in its warmth for hours.
Through her eyes, sunrise was her time. Just her, the trees and the sun – no one else. There she’d stand, taking in its rays of light. She’d climb trees and mountains to get to it. The closer to it’s warmth, the more devine, the more at peace and the more powerful she felt.
She was a sun worshiper, but not in a harmful way. She sought its beams not for its bronzing abilities, but to warm her from within. With velvet to trap the heat, she’d happily soak up the sun’s solar powers each day. Serotonin rising, negativity melting and inspiration flowing. The feeling was intoxicating, sending her into a sun-soaked trance.
Like a modern day Cleopatra, this velvet girl saw the sun as a deity. A devine godess and keeper of all life. With the missing sun as one of her biggest fears, she made it her mission in life to never to take it for granted. To never miss a sunset. Never miss a moment. Never miss a thing.

Her daily ritual was to  breathe in the sun rise and exhale the sunset, and with each breath she was overwhelmed with being alive and in the moment. With every second spent in the sunshine, the world’s coldness faded and a glow grew from within. A glow coated in velvet, that shimmering in the sunlight.