The Top 10 Tumblr Trends

I’ve learnt a few things from new spring summer collection coverage. Street style has reached a sickening level of contrivedOscar de la Renta is a sensitive hotdog and tumblr is now an omnipresent cultural force. Seriously.

This season even Proenza Schouler listed Tumblr as a reference point – “citing its random associations and the delight-producing effects of happenstance” writes Nicole Phelps for – which should (slightly) eased the stabbing pain we all get when starting sentences with ‘I saw on Tumblr…’

If you’ve ever delved into the world of Tumblr, you know just how lucky you are to have made it out alive. It’s a vortex for EVERYTHING. Reblogged images of immaculate breasts. Seinfeld quotes. Questionable self portraits of that girl you hate. The birth place of memes. It’s all there. And it never ends. EVER.

While everyone’s Tumblr journeys is different to some extent, there are some underlying themes that recur in the world of endless scrolling. Namely, Tumblr’s biggest strength is in its ability to spotlight all things nostalgic. In fact, its visual nostalgia is key to its survival. Without it, Tumblr would shrivel up and die a sad and lonely MySpace death. RIP.

So with reminiscence as the beating heart of Tumblr, here’s an incisive list of the bloggy’s world’s top 10 immutable trends.

10. Girls smoking weed

If tumblr was a magazine, its cover line would read ‘Doobies are the new cigarettes.’ People can’t seem to re-blog artsy exhales enough. Rap stars smouldering is another popular category, but not as far-reaching as cute girls smoking joints. Extra tumblr points if they happen to be topless.

9. Feminism

Tumblr reaches a whole new level of irony when a topless girl smoking weed is pictured above an image of Ginger Spice captioned ‘girls are stronger than boys,’ next to a Frida Kahlo quote. But hey, that’s the post-tumblr world for you. Image saturation to the point of losing all meaning. In any way, feminism and femme arm pit hair pride are popular recurrences.

8. Sci-fi and heros

Maybe Romance Was Born’s Marvel collection has had some influence but the blog squad love-to-the-point-of-obsession comics, sci-fi and heroes. Not just nerd-friendly tumblrs, either. Minimal Stevie-Dance-inspired sites mix it up with an intermittently stylized Avengers/Batman reference. Dr Who is also burning things up.

7. Nail art

When in doubt, repost an image of cute nail art.

6. The Lana Del Rey effect

In Tumblr’s kitsch vintage aesthetic, it becomes pretty clear that Lana Del Rey has modelled her image on a vintage Priscilla Presley. The cat eyes, the big hair, the hazy filter. Floral head bands, pastel hues and sugary-sweet-meets-trailer-trash also run rampant.


5. 1990s 4 eva

Maybe it’s just where I’ve been looking, but the era that brought us Saved by the Bell, Rugrats and dawson’s Creek are incontrovertible on Tumblr. Particularly when it comes to Tumblr Fa$hun. And we can thank Grimes and Azealia Banks for that. Because of them, there are girls out there photographing themselves with Furbie (remember!) back packs, velvet chokers, bindis, hair bunches, creepers and purple lipstick and black lip liner. BLACK LIP LINER! It’s like my childhood years of watching Rage have been vomited back onto my computer screen. And I don’t know why. I thought the nineties revival had been and gone, but no, it lives on. And as long as images of Gwen Stefani circa blue hair, midriff and bindis exist, it will never die.

4. Eyebrows 

Thick, thin, bleached, coloured, drawn or not there at all, online punters seem to have an obsession with brow style. Bambi, Cara Delevingne and Anja K are the pin-ups for this phenomenon, while endless selfies of awkwardly drawn on brows are something you can, sadly, never un-see.

3. Sexual bending

The image you probably have in your head right now is not the sexual bending I’m referring too (although there are a fair share that put that in animated gifs form online, too). I’m talking more boys who look like girls. Girls who look like boys. Boys who are girls. Girls who have taken hormone pills to look like boys but still dress like girls. Homosexuals. Bisexuals. Asexuals. On Tumblr, there are no taboos.

2. Cat Lady Pride

It had to start somewhere.

1. Tavi: Queen of Tumblr 

Despite her young age, Tavi Gevinson, Editor and creator of Rookie magazine, reigns supreme in the quasi-kitch forum. Her Rookie mag tumblr actually encapsulates everything the platform stands for – pink, vintage, celebrity, Bill Murray – so if we’ve not adequately described the pillars of the site, it’s all there.

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