Style X Travel: Cowgirl in the Sand

Play this Neil Young track for full effect


Down a dirt road on the outskirts of a down and dirty town, the air was still and the days were long. She was a cowgirl in black, too bored to even sing the blues. So she just sat on the fence and starred into the nothingness. The blurry heat dancing in the distance on the bitchumen road kept her hypnotized for hours. And then there were the power-lines, soaring high above her and stretching further than she’d ever dream of travelling.


She had plans to escape one day. But for now her job at the corner store selling cigarettes  and chocolate milk to truck drivers would have to do. They used to offer to take her across the boarder, on to the next town and beyond. But she’d just shrug and say ‘maybe some day.’ One day a biker couple pulled into the truckstop for a cool drink. The man had a bristly beard, leather cut and was covered in tattoos. His old lady looked like she’d lived her life in the fast lane, smelling of patchouli and with a week’s worth of liner round her eyes. She stomped up to the counter to buy a cheap red lipstick.

“I like your bike” the cowgirl said. “I’d love to ride outta here one day.”

The old lady learned over and smiled warmly. “You gotta know where you want to go first daarrlin,” she twanged.

The two exchanged grins. The kind of grins that don’t show teeth but say so much more. Before the biker couple left the old lady dropped a pack of cards on the counter. “Maybe these thangs will help ya find your way.” And then she was gone.


The cards were tarot cards, with dreamy illustrations and words like ‘courage’ and ‘power’ written on them. The cowgirl was mesmerized. She looked at them all night, then the next. And the next. It was as if they’d cast a spell on her. Pandora’s box was open. Suddenly shrugs were replaced with desire and courage brewed within her.


After endless days pouring over the cards, the cowgirl built up the courage and left. She hitched a ride with a trucker and headed south on the sunburnt highway. After hours of Neil Yong and The Eagles cassettes, he dropped her off at the lake by the boarder. She’s never seen a lake before. It was overwhelming. Magical and still.


From the lake she fled into the forest. Setting up camp with a commune she found by the creek. There she lived as a tarot card reader, entrancing travellers with her magical cards and igniting adventurous spirits that lay within.


Every now and then the truckers she once knew would stop by to see her. This time instead of selling them cigarettes and chocolate milk she’d read their cards and sell them stories of courage and power. The bored cowgirl in black was long gone.  The cards taking her further than the power lines stretched. In the end it was her destiny anyway. She just needed an old lady’s wink to help her find her way.



I don’t normally list what I’m wearing because I’m not keen on playing the style blogger game. But the clothes in this shoot are very special to me, so I’d like to give the labels a shout out.

1st look: American Gold black lace dress, Jeffery Campbell gold snakeskin shoes, Mania Mania Dree Eternal ring and Existence bracelet

2nd look: All That Remains bell sleeve dress

3rd look: Shakuhachi chartreuse dress and Mania Mania Be Here Now Signet ring