Natalie Joos Adds Some Colour to Coach

American heritage label Coach gets the colourful treatment from New York fashion blogger Natalie Joos.

If you haven’t heard of her yet, get ready for the onslaught because Natalie Joos is a name on the rise. For years she’s been a force to be reckoned with backstage, casting big name models for the world’s hottest runway shows. But with the rise of street-style photography and the growing popularity of her blog Tales of Endearment, the name Natalie Joos has become just as well known as the models she casts, taking her away from backstage and into the sartorial spotlight.

Stylish, witty and (the golden attribute) relatable, New Yorker Joos’ style choices have an uplifting quality. Colour, like the bright pink Karla Spetic number she donned recently (a coup for the local label), is celebrated in all its hues. Her natural affinity with colour has never been more evident than in her recent collaboration with Coach Legacy. Starring in as well as styling the looks, Joos channels her love for vibrant hues into curated looks starring the American heritage label’s Legacy bags.

With quotes such as: “Brown is cuddly. I wear brown when I’m nostalgic” and “Yellow is the colour of the sun and the rain, all at once,” Joos’ playfulness shines through in Coach’s leather bags, each classic style taken from the label’s archive. It’s further proof that timeless styles are still relevant in a digital world.

They also made a short video for the collaboration. Watch it here: 

Coach Legacy from Tales of Endearment on Vimeo.

Bags available in selected stores now.

Published on Broadsheet