Style blogger Nicole Warne for Jasu

Beloved fashion blogger Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage talks style, surreal experiences and her latest role as a style maker for Jasu.

Judging from the myriad of street style shots and personal style photo shoots, there’s definitely something about Nicole Warne. Originally known as the founder of Garry Pepper Vintage and now a prolific style blogger in her own right, Warne’s beauty-meets-personal touch doesn’t come around very often. She’s immaculate looking, yet approachable. Her heels cost twice as much as my week’s rent and yet she comes across as very down to earth – the perfect mix of aspirational and relate-able – and when it comes to the fashion world, that’s e-commerce gold.

With such a large fan base, it was only a matter of time before online store Jasu snapped Warne up as one of their style makers, joining a group of bloggers that have added a personal touch to an otherwise faceless medium.

“I’ve never been comfortable with the title ‘style maker’…I look at my involvement as someone who simply chooses pieces she likes and has an audience who can relate to them,” Warne says. She sees what most of us would consider fans as an audience – an audience that Jasu has astutely tapped into.

To date, Warne’s audience spans five figures with over 12,000 twitter followers and over 17,000 follows on bloglovin. On Instagram, her 179,000 followers are given a glimpse of her every move, from daily outfits to instantaneous runway glimpses. At the time of the interview, Warne was in London for fashion week and had been photographed by Tommy Ton for only a few days earlier. Despite her undeniable influence, she still describes her blogging life as “surreal” and “busy yet exhilarating at the same time”.

“I’ve met people I’ve been meaning to meet for years and attended shows I never thought I’d ever have the chance to see with my own eyes,” she says of her time at the international spring shows.

Surreal seems like an apt descriptor, especially considering it was only a few months ago that she was striking a pose on a yacht in Broome for Jasu’s launch campaign. In addition to sailing the high seas in Josh Goot‘s orchid print, Warne’s role as a style maker also sees her edit the Jasu range, allowing her audience to achieve her style in a simple click.

“I love seeing an e-commerce store really adapt to the way online marketing is moving, so the fact Jasu revolves around social media with clever and innovative initiatives is very refreshing to see.”

Published on Broadsheet