Maripossa Refines Fine Jewellery

Australian jewellery designer Lauren Besser makes a statement with a haunting new collection for her label Maripossa.

Like stills from a dark, beautiful horror movie, Australian label Maripossa’s latest campaign presents its handmade jewellery in an eerie light. With images of levitation, multiple hands and deranged gazes, the campaign is a sinister yet stunning creation from Melbourne-based designer Lauren Besser.

Following her debut in 2010, Besser’s raw-meets-delicate style of jewellery has garnered plenty of attention in a short amount of time, picking up a Young Designer Award for accessories at Berlin Fashion Week last year and becoming a Melbourne Design Awards finalist this year.

Such accolades are impressive considering Besser’s background in psychology and fashion design (her jewellery skills are completely self-taught). But with a unique point of view and imaginative handmade techniques on her side, she has managed to garner stockists in leading fashion boutiques as well as notable art institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and MONA in Hobart.

Though only two years old, Maripossa already has a distinctive style, with fine chains, raw earth crystals and sterling silver all hallmarks of Besser’s aesthetic. For 2013, her collection ‘Into the Ether, For Usher’ further evolves these attributes, featuring intricate, raw, fossil-like rings and woven chains so delicate they resemble cobwebs and dripping candle wax. The collection also showcases Besser’s elaborate knitting skills, with a wispy woven shawl added to the mix.

Skirting the line between fine and statement jewellery, the ornate collection is further enhanced by the dream-like campaign imagery. Shot in New York by Canadian photographer Lissy Elle, the collection’s delicate elements are highlighted in an elusive light complete with surreal and supernatural themes. It’s a collection that transcends mere wearability to verge on genuine artistic credibility.

Published on Broadsheet