Style X Travel: L’America

Below is a short story I wrote for Kym Ellery’s label LAmerica
L’America. The home of stars and stripes and golden pints. Street sweepers with Hollywood dreams and a rat race that runs fast. It’s also where you’ll find the coastal stretch of Torrance and a special girl that goes by the same name. Cali born and bread and a little wild at heart, Torrance stood out from the Malibu Barbies with an intense gaze and a tied up t-shirt.
Her hair was chaotic but her pleasures were simple. Sun and sand her biggest vices. Though she didn’t like to admit it, she had a style of her own. A sucker for bandanas and bangles and muscle tees too. While the Malibu Barbies lay baking in the Muscle Beach sun, she’d cruise by on her skate board, bronzed arms exposed. A vision in hot pants and denim vest, with the L’American flag branded across her back.
Rumour had it Torrance was as speedy as the z-boys and kept the hearts of surfers in the back pocket of her jeans. When the boys asked her if she had a boyfriend she’d just wink at them and say ‘Jim Morrison.’ If she wasn’t carving pools or fighting breaks, you’d find her back in her namesake suburb watching the sunset from her steps.
Unlike the plastic people near by, Torrance was a genuine sole. A rare find.  She never ventured far or dreamed past the water’s break but in the end Hollywood found her anyway and swept her off her feet. She relocated to the hills. Bought a car and settled down. The surfer boys never forgot her while the Malibu Barbies spotted Torrance in magazines, eyeing off her bronzed arms.
Despite the fame Torrance remains a Cali girl and a little wild at heart. And every chance she gets she returns to her steps in the suburbs for the sunset. Donning stars and strips and hair that’s windswept. Living out the L’American dream at its very best.