Wandering Cowgirl

They say not all those who wander are lost. And not all those who stay still are found. When her friends, one by one, escaped the dusty days and starry nights to see the world, she stayed behind. The all American cowgirl in a country town. A total cliché. But she didn’t mind.
She liked the farm life. Quiet air, room to breath, time to think. Though she stayed home, this cowgirl still had a spark for adventure. A rebel without a cause. She’d wander the land and trip the light fantastic. Lose herself between the trees in a checker-board dress and sunburnt hat.
Hide behind crochet, close her eyes and fantasise. Lucid dreams of vibrant colours. Acid yellow auras and pink sunflowers. Strings of beads blowing in the wind.
For days on end she’d kick the dust on her lonesome.
Until one sunset, when she ventured a little too far from the farm, she found another. Another rebel cowgirl with a checker-board shirt and adventure on her mind. The magic was instant. Smiles soared and adventures ensued. A friendship blossomed into pink sunflowers.
Together they wandered and dream. Cowgirls on acid in billowing dresses. No longer lost, but found.
All clothing is from the ‘Cowgirls on Acid’ My Sunday Feeling Summer range available here
All images & drawings~ Melody Jasmine
Model~ Romy Bennie