Performance by Mania Mania

A few months ago Mania Mania asked me to write some creative words for their up-coming collection. Talk about a dream job, and a dream collection. Considering my Peny Lane past I couldn’t have asked for better inspiration. Here is what I came up with.

With seventies musical muses Uschi Overmaier and Pamela de Barres as their guiding light, MANIA MANIA’s new collection ‘Performance’ looks to the stage and beyond.
Taking cues from the crescent moons worn side stage and the zodiac coins collected while on tour, for Winter 2013 MANIA MANIA trips back to a time when the GTO’s danced along the Sunset Strip and the singing hills of Laurel Canyon were the only place to be. For those girls like Miss Pamela and Miss Sparkey, who were brave enough to venture behind the stage door, seduce hearts and leave their mark on the records that now run through our veins.

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Laurel Canyon legend Frank Zappa was on to something when he said ‘the altar was rock and roll, the guys were the gods and the women were the high priestesses.’ Model, actress and activist Uschi Overmaier was one of these women. With dark eyes and an appetite for adventure, Uschi was Germany’s own Yoko Ono of the 1968 generation.

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Living at Kommune1 and an appointed sex symbol of the free-love revolution, she kissed the lips of Hendrix and broke the heart of a stone in Keith Richards. Uschi’s wild at heart reputation and ethereal style is what ‘Performance’ taps into. Her affinity for all things exotic channeled into a tiered chain headpiece as well as raw quartz and chain mail pieces.

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The jewellery Pamela Des Barres and the GTOs donned while dancing at Whisky GoGo also lives on in the collection’s tooth charm bracelets and oversized smoky quartz neck pieces. Other influences, the Laurel Canyon scene immortalised by Joni Mitchell’s album ‘Ladies of the Canyon’ and the Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas in 1975, are also present in the form of moon phase and eagle motifs.

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Combined, ‘Performance,’ in true MANIA MANIA style, captures a time when the altar was rock and roll, and life was all about the music.