Gallery A

Months ago now I was privy to preview Kahlo‘s Autumn Winter collection Gallery A in order to write a story inspired by the aesthetic. A stunning display of texture and tones, to me, Gallery A’s  narrative felt quite cold, dark and sleek.  Below is the short story I came up with, accompanied by their stark and crisp campaign images.  You can view the full look book here.

It was the first day in the new city. The kind of day when the weather is as cold as the crowds. The summer time smiles of her home town had been replaced with serious gazes. Zombie-like looks that were completely free of emotion. She braved the solemn streets as best as she could. Cocooned in a simple black suede shift. With a front slit and clean neckline, it wasn’t restrictive. She couldn’t stand to be tied down. In every aspect of life. And much like the crowds that surrounded her, she was emotionally unavailable. Happy to slip under the radar and ride the train at peak hour in a sleek leather coat.
Her heart was empty. It was the reason why she escaped to the city after all.The emptiness grew so apparent though that just the thought of it weighed heavy, so she avoided it all together. To steer clear of emotions she’d abandoned her possessions from a past life and began again with a blank slate. Classic white shirts, white walls, no clutter. At first it was just a detox to her previously shambolic existence. The plan was to fill it with new things. A fresh identity. But she never really started. Her room stayed free of unnecessary objects while her wardrobe morphed into a collection of clean lines and subtle shadows.
Soon enough as the days passed, the minimalism she once found restrictive had become liberating. A blank stage where she was the star. A white room where all eyes were on her. A simple grey tshirt with no where to hide. Instead of hiding, she craved the transparent. Strength in the silence. A love for the simple dramatics.  And for the solemn streets. Where she shone in shiny glazed leather. And the zombie gazes couldn’t help but notice.