On the bright side

Image from the New Yor Times
Image from the New York Times

I’ll admit I was one of the many that happily read Suzy Menkes’ comments on the so called fashion circus recently. Having had a career as a journalist that was boosted by a supposed blog (a DIY website in my eyes – egocentric semantics?), I’ve long followed the whole us vs them debate that has gone on between fashion journos and bloggers. It’s an interesting fence for me and one that I happily dangle a leg on either side of.

And while I can’t resist but put my two cents in on the evolution of fashion media, I’m sometimes left feeling deflated by the dialogue of it all. It seems no matter how much rhetoric that goes on, nobody really ever wins. Despite some people’s feeling of entitlement, there’s no real wrong or right way to report on fashion. Some people leave school and do journalism degrees, some study fashion, while others walk a different path that leads them to becoming a fashion blogger. Either way, we all have a common ground in that we love the industry, albeit for differing reasons. At the end of the day the us vs them debate is pointless. The best we can all do is to encourage and focus on the good; quality content, unique perspectives, exciting concepts.

So while I’m riding this new wave of positivity, I wanted to draw attention to some of the people in the industry that I really admire. The ones producing quality content, offering unique perspectives and implementing exciting concepts. Here are just a few that came to mind (more to come I’m sure).

Hannah Rose

“I started my blog because I wanted to be a writer, and I wanted to practice writing, and a blog seemed as good a place as any to do just that,” Hannah Rose tells my via email as she types from Hong Kong. A Sydney based student currently writing her thesis on Hong Kong history, Hannah Rose is also responsible for my favourite Australian-based blog, Capture the Castle.  With a fresh point of view and inspirational narrative, Hannah has a way with words that gives me butterflies. I could see her writing fittingly seamlessly onto the pages of Russh but I’m glad I don’t because then I’d have to wait months to read it.

Instead, I get a weekly fix on everything from her picture-perfect travels to style notes from movies and simple things like why dressing older than you are is awesome (put much more eloquently of course).  Food is also a key focus on the blog and a theme that she approaches with more admiration than pretension  For Hannah, it’s less about keeping to a strict theme and more about reflecting her interests. It’s a mixed bag but a stylish and cleverly crafted one at that. She goes on to reflect; “the hope that I started with – to practice writing – has developed into a reality, and that kind of wide-eyed eagerness that I used to write with back then has matured into my writing style today, which you can see across every post no matter the genre, no matter the subject matter.”

Anni Hall

I’ve always been a little inept in regards to a beauty regime, which is why I absolutely love reading about it. When it comes to fashion I believe style comes from within so I don’t need anyone to tell me what to wear, but when it comes to beauty advice, I need all the help I can get. Within the online realm make-up tutorials are a weakness of mine and I will admit to watching several smoky eye videos in my time (will not stop till I can perfect a Real Housewives look). My other beauty-go-to is the work of Australian beauty writer Anni Hall. A writer for Russh, The Vine, Broadsheet and many more, Anni is a seasoned professional with a fantastically honest approach and real-world experience to back it up. It’s easy to see that her relationship with the industry is somewhat of a love affair, and as she tells me, a long one at that.

“I’ve always loved the transformative nature of fashion and beauty. Throughout high school I’d read i-DDazed & Confused and Vogue Paris every month and just be blown away by the characters on the pages. From the raw looks in i-D to the beautiful in Vogue Paris and then the shocking in Dazed, I’d recreate them all in my bedroom. An art history degree, a makeup course and some years later, I do the same but on models and am lucky enough to write about my experiences for my favourite publications.” The publications she refers to are indeed impressive but it’s her personal blog Liner Notes that is one of my go-tos and  made me want to put her on this list.

Image by http://www.ohjamie.com/
Image by http://www.ohjamie.com/

Greta Larkins

Greta Larkins is the supremely talented supergirl behind FashGif, a tumblr where happiness, rainbows and the internet come together to birth a new form of fashion coverage; the animated gif. Better than any fashion show could ever hope to achieve, Greta’s gifs are original, clever, detailed and always possess a fantastic sense of humour. The time and effort that goes into her work is incredibly admirable, not to mention the creative thought process that actually goes into coming up with the concepts.  Slowly but surely fashion gifs are finding their way into mainstream media. Vogue Australia and Russh have already began paving the way, but there is still so far to go. With such a burgeoning medium at the tip of her fingers, I was interested to find out Greta’s take on the future of fashion coverage. “One day I’d love to see projections (à la Tupac hologram/Pepper’s Ghost) but 3D that come from your home computer that I think could serve a lot of purposes. 3D real time runway shows come to mind first, but also online stores projecting the garment in your size so you can get an idea of if it would suit you and fit you. That would be brilliant. If the graphics were sharp enough you could also get an idea of texture and weight.”

Greta’s other interest is 3D printing, poetically delving even further into a future to predict the effects the medium will have on the fashion industry and the potential copyright issues it will present. “It will get to a stage where we can produce near on anything with a 3D printer so with the right CAD, ripping off a classic design en masse will become a lot easier and require less man power.”


Lily Mandelbaum and Elisa Goodkind 

I wanted to keep the list local, but I couldn’t help but include these two talents girls in it, even if they are Yanks. My favourite blog on the world wide web is without a doubt, Style Like U. Whenever I am tired, feeling down or doubting myself in general, I just watch one of their videos and instantly I’m filled with energy and confidence again. Their subjects are so admirable and the message of personal freedom always comes through so powerfully and yet so natural.  Whenever I’m overwhelmed with the whole circus of it all, watching this video just makes me want to pick me self up, get back to the circus and dress up like a clown.

Our Mission from StyleLikeU Editor on Vimeo.