Feel good inc

 photo DSC01134_zps99f1024f.jpg

Suede and embroidered ‘Penny Lane’ custom-made coat photo DSC01133_zps19a76ccb.jpg

Vintage rabbit fur coat given to me by a friend (don’t judge me!) photo DSC01139_zpsc40b04da.jpg

Crushed velvet dip-dyed vintage dress photo DSC01140_zps1a8f730a.jpg

American Gold black lace dress photo DSC01142_zps7f8c6ebb.jpg

Zimmerman silk tweed pants photo DSC01145_zpsd04f412e.jpg

Embroidered suede vintage dress from Brugge, Belgium photo DSC01138_zps602ae2c1.jpg

Silk, lace and beaded vintage dress from American Rag, Melbourne photo DSC01147_zps147a146e.jpgDSC01147_zps147a146eHand beaded and embroidered vest by Kate Stein photo DSC01150_zps111db7e8.jpg

Free People gold sequinned and chiffon dress photo DSC01152_zps92dc0e0f.jpg

Vintage beaded top from New York photo DSC01154_zps53607cd1.jpg

Shakuhachi lace dress

 photo DSC01149_zps9f33b87b.jpg

Cue velvet brocade pants

So in a follow up to my last diary entry, I bought those textured Cue pants (above). All velvet brocade and skinny legs. I had to wear them in over the weekend, the Easter Weekend at that so what were once skin tight Kramer jeans have kindly moulded to my Easter egg consuming body. While I love the way they look, the muted colours kindly complimenting/clashing wonderfully with pretty much every top I own, I love they way they feel more. I’ve caught myself stroking my back pocket a number of times so far. Not because I love my booty (it a’ight *click*), but I just can’t get enough of that soft, furry texture.

It got me thinking about my own style. Perusing my closet with thumb and forefinger I’ve come to realise that what brings my closet together is not a common style, but texture. There’s fur. Lots of fur. Too much fur for a girl living in Queensland. There’s lace. Sequins, beads, suede and velvet in a myriad of forms; crushed, devore, panne. Above are just a few of my favourites. You can look, but don’t touch.