Stones would play inside her head

The stones that play inside my head are like the northern lights. Radiant shades of blues, greens and pinks. Like sunsets and galaxies exploding inside a tiny stone. The opal is my birthstone. A stone the Ancient Greeks regarded as a sign of purity and love and the Ancient Romans saw as a stone of protection.

For me, the opal has always had a mysticism about it. As a kid I thought they were incredibly magical. A notion that stemmed from the similar explosions of colour and ‘sparkly’ amulet musings in my favourite childhood movies ‘The Secret of Nimh,’ (produced by Aurora Pictures). But sadly, instead of being placed in a bold locket, opals have long been plagued as a stone for tacky souvenir jewellery complete with cheap metal and even cheaper looking settings.

This limitation seems set to soon to change though, starting with Holly Ryan‘s magnificent ‘Holly‘ ring (above) and continuing on with her with impending Aurora collection. One that I wait with baited breath to see and until then, will play inside my head like the northern lights.