Style: The velvet underground


It might just be the recent Bowie resurgence or the fact that winter is slowly but surely on its way, but whatever the reason, brocade is on my mind once more. I’m such a textural dresser; velvet, lace, fur. If I can cop a joyous feel of myself I’m all for it. But velvet brocade would be my favourite. Especially a brocade suit. So very Brian Jones. I’m currently coveting a delicious pair of brocade pants from (of all places) Cue at the moment. I do wish the skinny style was boot cut, but apart from that, they are quite perfect. When you’re bank account doesn’t allow for Balmain a girl’s got to get creative.


Also for my readers, who ever you may be, I’d just like to announce that I’m going to be at Australian Fashion Week this year. Next month in fact. I know it’s much more chic to be a nonchalant black-clad attendee these days but I’M SO EXCITED. It’s been two years since I’ve been to the shows. Two years too long in my eyes. I’m looking forward to returning to Sydney, seeing some amazing talent, writing some reviews and wearing lots of delicious velvet brocade. I apologise in advance if you mistake me for a peacock (the good or the faux-pas kind). It’s not my intent at all. I’m really just trying to channel babetown Brian Jones rather than ruffle feathers.

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  1. Texture style post

    […] in a follow up to my last diary entry, I bought those textured Cue pants (above). All velvet brocade and skinny legs. I had to wear them […]

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