Style X Travel: MBFWA wrap up diary

As you probably have seen, I’ve written a ton of stuff for Broadsheet on MBFWA, so I’m going to make this short and sweet. Here is a more personal view of my time at fashion week. As you can see, I had a great time.

 photo DSC01163_zps7230b820.jpg photo DSC01165_zps2ed44e61.jpg

Where I stayed: The Waldorf Apartments in Chippendale.
I chose the hotel mainly because it was self contained (so I could eat), was within a 5 minute walk of Carriage Works and I could book it through work. It turned out to be the BEST place to stay though. Not only did it provide me with fantastic reality tv to turn my brain off with (Toddlers and Tiaras forever), but the staff were so friendly, it was next door to a hipster bakery and had the most beautiful rooftop pool, spa and sauna.
What I wore:
 photo dsc_0396_zpsed8357b3.jpg
Penny Lane custom-made coat, Made by a Friend of mine tee, Lovisa necklace, vintage belt, Cue pants, Acne boots.

 photo IMG_3479_zps8e1b0d07.jpgVintage suede dress I bought in Bruges, House of Harlow sunglasses

 photo IMG_3480_zpsa35e6ccf.jpg photo IMG_3493_zpsbf174562.jpg

Christopher Esber dress, Girl on a Vine Frida Kahlo kimono

 photo IMG_3489_zps5c4d4b1d.jpg

By day 5 I’d run out of things to wear and it was far too warm to wear my red velvet dress, so I got creative and wrapped it around my waist and teamed it with a white singlet and lots of gold jewellery.
 photo IMG_3356_zps0fbd5d88.jpg
Where I worked: The media room was totally tropical cute this year complete with pineapples and wall hangings by Camilla. Tropical is may have looked, but freezing it was in temperature! Chilly conditions aside, my fellow desk buddy, photographer Nicole Cooper was a lovely neighbour to have throughout the week.

 photo IMG_3411_zps4055e84d.jpg

Who I met: Having been stuck in Brisbane for so long, I was really looking forward to meeting some of my fellow writers. The first person I spotted when I walked into the media room was girl crush Nadia Bailey who runs social media for Asos and her blog Animal Orchestra. Throughout the week I loved hearing her thoughts on shows and analysing all of the metaphors. Another highlight was meeting the uber talented Hannah Rose of Capture the Castle. I was stoked to discover that she is such a warm and bubbly person and even gave me a hug hello which was a welcomed relief after days facing the intimidating fashion crowd solo.
At the Vanishing Elephant show I managed to finally meet fellow Bris-girl and killer designer Ana Diaz who I have recently collaborated with and will be able to reveal all shortly. Backstage at Dion Lee, the Golightly PR team were fantastic to hang with and really fun and down to earth to talk to (considering the stress they were under). I couldn’t have survived the week without some down-to-earth and familair hangs with Daily Life writer and fellow Fairfax home girl Annie Stevens. And while I didn’t really meet her properly, I managed to take a photo of stylist Lesley Crawford (above) who was by far, in my eyes, the best dressed of the week. Look at that warm smile. I love you Lesley!
 photo IMG_3428_zpsbedcfd39.jpg
What I couldn’t have survived without: I absolutely adore this Jackie Anderson bag. It was the perfect bag to take to fashion week too. Big enough to fit my camera and cheeky snacks but small enough to just carry as a clutch and go. My House of Harlow sunglasses were also fantastic to hide behind.
 photo DSC01345_zps54758803.jpg
 photo DSC01316_zps22e249ef.jpg
What I got: There were plenty of goodie bags this year. If anyone needs fake tan you know who to call. The products given away at the Watson x Watson show were particularly good (as was the show). I really loved the zine given away at the Vanishing Elephant show which was edited by Broadsheet. Ok so maybe I’m a little bias. Look at those cardboard seats too! I must admit they were a little scary to sit on though.
What I loved:

 photo DSC01162_zps5a48af69.jpg
 photo DSC01324_zps1ce4ba41.jpg
The industrial locations at Christopher Esber and Vanishing Elephant.

 photo DSC01161_zps92ecd8ad.jpg
Renee Warne of Billy Bride might be getting dirty looks from the front row in this picture, but I thought she looked totally rad. Killer body too. Werk it gurl!

 photo DSC01198_zpsa91ae58d.jpg photo DSC01200_zps6a8bf57c.jpg photo DSC01209_zps41f3354f.jpg
There’s just nothing like watching a Romance Was Born show. This year I just wanted to get up and dance and howl amongst the candy wonderland. When I grow up, I want to be their violin playing fairy.

 photo DSC01217_zps9015902e.jpg
Seriously, I just love this kimono so much!

 photo DSC01222_zps8ec89559.jpg photo DSC01225_zps65f24b65.jpg photo DSC01226_zps87909e46.jpg photo DSC01227_zpsffbd3446.jpg photo DSC01229_zpsd04ccf95.jpg
The Ellery show was definitely the slickest of the week, with the best dressed attendees.

 photo DSC01230_zps6c7478f0.jpg photo DSC01240_zps874df5a0.jpg
The Manning Cartel show wins the award for longest runway and best ghetto-fabulous soundtrack.

 photo DSC01241_zps4ec63828.jpg photo DSC01257_zpsb1bd3d4f.jpg
The only show I went backstage for, and in my eyes the best. Being amongst the action before the Dion Lee show was fascinating. He’s such a cool player.

 photo DSC01265_zps70a45b2b.jpg photo DSC01275_zpsb05d219b.jpg
White pleats. Gold. Under the sea references. Alice McCall spoke to my inner mermaid this season.

 photo DSC01276_zpsd446da3d.jpg photo DSC01278_zps1ffbda8f.jpg
The Serpent and the Swan presentation was really interesting. Great hair all round too.

 photo DSC01307_zps94cf7edb.jpg
 photo DSC01314_zpsa38b35bb.jpg
Virgina Killory Liu’s collection at the Raffles show is one that has really stood out in my mind.

 photo IMG_3415_zpsd9f95f53.jpg

I was really impressed by the debut of Han. All white but all incredibly wearable, I thought the collection offered something incredibly fresh (after one too many digital prints) and directional vision. The only downside was it was very difficult to get into, despite there being plenty of empty seats.
Just when you thought they couldn’t do anything more with leather, this season Kahlo‘s collection was their most impressive yet. The snake and croc textures were absolutely incredible. Can not wait to get my fingers all over them. Above image by Brad Hick.
karla-specticOf all of them though, Karla Spetic’s stunningly ethereal show was my favourite of the week. And I couldn’t get enough of Rachel Kara‘s backstage shots for Broadsheet (above).

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