Out on that open road

 photo DSC01438_zps1bc89bbb.jpg

Universal Studios

 photo IMG_3596_zpsa1377f5a.jpgFirst sunset over the Hollywood Hills
 photo DSC01449_zpsa7078557.jpg

Welcome wagon at Sheraton Universal photo DSC01455_zps657cbe89.jpg

Exploring Santa Monica photo DSC01476_zps95b9347f.jpg

New Orleans at Disneyland photo DSC01478_zps260c75f7.jpg

Flowers everywhere in LA

 photo IMG_3701_zps459125b8.jpg

Driving a speed boat in San Diego photo IMG_3704_zps7ff38102.jpg

Succulents in old Mexico, San Diego  photo mexico_zpsebbdc488.jpg photo DSC01496_zpsbc3e6f57.jpg

Seaworld, San Deigo photo DSC01508_zps1446799c.jpg

Touching a sting ray at Seaworld photo DSC01535_zps73f5d6f0.jpg

Flowers along Mission Beach photo sandiego_zpsbc280a03.jpg

Striking a pose and soaking up some sun at Mission Beach photo DSC01570_zpsc1195203.jpg

Hello Mexico

 photo phoenix_zps14eb196e.jpg

Exploring Phoenix

 photo DSC01550_zps4973064f.jpg

Hot air balloon ride at sunset over Phoenix photo IMG_3865_zps6466314d.jpg

Taking in the view

 photo IMG_3873_zps640f9ca1.jpg

Cactus Country

 photo DSC01572_zps2b3bd655.jpg

Lunch in Sedona

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Red rock country

 photo DSC01578_zps96a79c87.jpg

A cowboy named Larry in Sedona photo DSC01633_zps641369c8.jpg

The Grand Canyon

 photo IMG_3960_zpsf85a8117.jpgHelicopter ride over the canyon photo DSC01588_zps2b9f2c57.jpg photo DSC01620_zps2e246576.jpg

Touching the sky

 photo IMG_3975_zps17d1b03e.jpg photo IMG_4002_zps3a7c980e.jpg

Somewhere along Route 66 photo IMG_4147_zpsff13fb73.jpg photo IMG_4049_zpsa2c7ed39.jpg

 photo IMG_4044_zpsf5be528b.jpgReady to party with Sally

 photo IMG_4115_zps711972cb.jpgReady to party again photo IMG_4141_zps5e5de931.jpg photo IMG_4233_zpscdeae967.jpg

Kissing Vegas goodbye from above at the Palms photo IMG_4172_zps4840574e.jpg

Sunset in New York photo IMG_4174_zpsafbf7ffd.jpg

Welcome wagon at Hotel Beacon photo DSC01767_zps05b5546f.jpg

On our way to Brooklyn photo IMG_4219_zps7465cb1c.jpg

The Cyclone on Coney Island photo IMG_4335_zpsb7589bad.jpg

At the top of the Empire State Building photo DSC01828_zps9417f071.jpg photo DSC01854_zpsaa225241.jpg

 photo upper-west_zps22252b53.jpg

On my way to Harlem

 photo DSC01863_zps7921c17f.jpg photo IMG_4330_zpsa83318fc.jpg

Couldn’t get enough of the view from our hotel suite photo IMG_4354_zpsc7c08a4b.jpg photo IMG_4356_zps8e6050fd.jpg

Good vibes near Strawberry Fields, Central Park photo DSC01875_zps64a84a60.jpg photo soho_zps24a73ced.jpg

Voguing in the East Village

3 weeks in the USA and so much to tell you. Most of which will be done so on the Student Flights and Flight Centre blogs, so keep checking back for tour diaries, food photos, interviews and hotel reviews. But for now, here’s a more personal look at my trip. Where I went, what I saw and most importantly, what I wore.

To wrap it all up in a neat little paragraph, Las Vegas was the mostest fun a girl could have, Sedona was sexy and I could definitely be a rich house wife in LA. Phoenix made me want to run off with a bikie I met called Keith, San Diego made me dream of Mexico and I wished I could have spent more time in Washington. A week in New York just wasn’t enough but then again a life time probably isn’t either. From LA to NYC and everything in between. I had a blast America. Next time I think I’ll hitch a ride on a motorbike and not come back.