Once upon a time in Mexico…

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Queen of the beach: Wildfox geisha floral low back swimsuit to get wild at the beach, a big straw hat to shade me from the Mexican sun, nude wedges for dancing on the beach, a tooled leather bag big enough to fit a goon sack, red roses, turquoise and black lace to mimic my muse Frida.

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Great balls of fire: My formal dress ten years later and still going strong, red and gold earrings because I’m a sucker for a theme, Girl on a Vine Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly kimono to hide behind while hungover, Jackie Anderson Carine bag to keep all my spring break secrets in.

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Spare me the details: Sparkles and rose coloured glasses and polaroids and turquoise and dancing earrings and everything that makes me feel like me.

Pinch me its here. Another jaunt across the world. Another reason to love my job and live in the moment and start a fresh. Tomorrow I board a completely chartered flight to LA and then Cancun to experience the party of the life time. Four days of all I can eat, drink, laugh and cry. Secret music acts, inspirational speeches, beach parties, glamorous balls, old friends, new friends, strangers who change it all and a chance to get to know myself again. It only just dawned on me as I began packing that I’m going to finally see the shores of Mexico, dip my toes into the Caribbean Sea and hopefully dive into the mermaid paradise I’ve long fantasized about – a cenote.

I can’t wait to hear Spanish everywhere, spy cacti along dirt roads, dance to Marichi bands, experience summer  and maybe even run away with a Danny Trejo road dog type. My hopes are high, my liver is braced and my heart is ready for a new beginning. Stay tuned and see you soon Mexico.


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