Return and Take Me Often

She opened her eyes and was overwhelmed by blue. Blue sky. The kind of sky that is endless, limitless and swallows you whole. She closed her eyes again to see the sun shining  through her eyelids. It was warm, welcoming. Instantly happy memories flowed over her in waves. Memories of sunsets spent poolside. Holding hands in hand knitted dresses. Days that went into the night and beyond. Exhausting and energising days. Summer days that saw her laugh so much her belly hurt. Days that really meant something.
And here she was again. Back to the blue sky. Back to the summer circus. Returned once more for another dance. Another romance. Like the seasons before she’d jetted in on a whim. Leaving on a last minute ticket with nothing more than the clothes on her back and a hat box filled with polaroids and mementos. And just like last time she’d create a whole new life for herself. Shedding her jeans and t-shirts for a new collection of old favourites. New but at the same time nostalgic.
He was still the same. He smelt the same. Looked at her the same. Threw the same parties under the same sunset. But each time she was different. More herself. Less afraid. And never jealous. He knew he couldn’t tame her and that she wouldn’t stay. So he just took her by the hand and enjoyed it for what it was. A summer romance. The kind that stops time and sends you on an endless high.
And so there she was again. A vision in suede shorts and navajo leather, crystal rings and beads bought from the morning markets, reclining next to a pool of deep teal. As the days and nights went on, the glitterati floated in and out. She drank wine with Sonny and Cher, giggled with Bette and pushed Bowie in the pool. And when the moment was right, he took her hand and they danced while Bacharach played the piano.
But not everything that glitters is golden forever, and by the time she’d settled into his arms, she was gone. Packing up her hat box in the middle of the night, this time with new polaroids, memories and embellishments. She kissed him and the blue sky goodbye and fled back to the velvet underground. By sunrise, all that remained was her crystal ring and a note scribbled on a napkin.
I will live in you or you will live in me until we disappear together in a dream.
Return and take me often.
With all my heart
He folded it up and placed it firmly in his blazer pocket.