TV bad boys with a heart of gold

I’ve never known what it’s like to be with a bad boy. A real bad boy that is and not just a pretty boy with a tattoo sleeve and nose ring – sadly I don’t really know what that’s like either. Most of my male interaction has been with the nerdy or gay kind (the best kind ammiright?). I struggle to even really think of a bad boy I know in real life. In TV land though, I crush on quite a few. Ones who are complicated and misguided and endlessly fascinating. From their badd-est of bad-ass moments to their most vulnerable, I’m inevitably pulled in by their inner battle between good and evil, and fall head-0ver-heels when its made clear that despite all of their troubles, they’re inherently good. When swoons and tears collide, here are the ultimate TV bad boys with a heart of gold.


The drug dealer

Warning; this post includes a lot of TV spoilers. If you’re not up to date with Breaking Bad, then you’ve only got yourself to blame. Jesse Pinkman is pretty much the inspiration for this post. With the final episodes of Breaking Bad flowing in, I am truly in love with the Albuquerque bad boy with a heart of gold. Its amazing how my love for Walt has, as the episodes and bad-decisions played out before me, ended up transferring to Jesse. Where I once viewed Walt as a sweet science teacher similar to my dad, and Jesse as a drop-out drug dealer, I now see a whole other picture. With time Jesse has become more exposed, vulnerable and determined to get out of this alive and, despite him failing, with no one hurt. His love for kids especially, makes my heart melt, and his high regard for Walt, despite Walt treating him like shit, only proves that he’s incredibly loyal. All of these redeeming characteristics (plus the shaved head and that deep voice) have made Jesse, in my eyes, so sexy. When its all said and done, I just want to give him a big hug and tell him every things going to be all right. Aaron Paul, I know you’re really nice to fans, so if you’d like to let me live out my TV crush fantasy, that’d be great. Thanks.



The shooter

There are plenty of bad boys to be found on Boardwalk Empire, but the only one that appears to be both bad and good is Richard Harrow. By far the most fascinating character on the series, Richard is another bad boy with a love and softness for kids, kicking an amazing amount of ass in the finale of season 3 in order to rescue his belated best friend Jimmy Darmody’s son Tommy – proving he’s definitely the kind of guy you want on your side. While he may be good with a gun, its evident from early on that Richard is a kind and soft soul. He doesn’t speak much, but when he does he’s incredibly kind. His blossoming relationship with Julia is going to be really interesting to watch. As a show with such tumultuous story lines, it’s soothing to see such a nice character enjoy some joy. I’m sure I’m set to fall more in love with him – although I don’t even know if that’s possible since I saw what the actor who plays him, Jack Huston, looks like in real life. Hot dam! 



The biker

Previously on Sons of Anarchy….. I crushed on a lot of sexy biker guys in leather. In fact I’m quite a two-timing slut in my SAMCROW fantasies. Firstly, Jax Teller is, in my eyes, the hottest guy on TV. I really wish he’d get his boy-band-worthy blonde bob back and loose the beard, but even with the fuzz he’s still dreamy looks-wise. Actions-wise though, he’s a turn off. He’s made some terrible choices and my sympathy for him decreases with every episode – even though he’s super pretty. But he’s not the only one I’ve got eyes for. I have a soft spot for the sensitive lost-boy that is Juice, dog-loving Tig, and even a weird/disturbing crush on drug king pin Romeo played by the amazingly wrinkled faced Danny Trejo. But of all of them, none pulled my heart strings more than Opie. Man that sexy beard went through a hell of a lot and sadly didn’t make it out alive (sorry, spoiler!). From the very beginning, it was clear that Opie had some sort of death wish, trying to prove himself to the club, mourning the death of his first wife Donna, and then his father Piney. But despite his erratic and at times cold behaviour, when it came down to it, he was a good man, a good friend and the owner of an amazing beard you just want to nuzzle in.



The hipster

It’s kind of ironic that the least dangerous of the bad boys is the most complicated. And yet, for all his dirty habits, both in terms of cleanliness and sex, Adam Sackler of Girls still has his fare share of redeeming features. He’s incredibly masculine, incredibly honest and, despite being erratic and at times not entirely sensitive, incredibly caring as we saw in the finale of season 2. Season 2 was also an interesting incite into the real life bad-boy – putting forward the hypothesis that the amount of badness is often in correlation to the girl. With Hannah, Adam can be quite the asshole, emotionally unavailable, at times degrading and just the regular hipster douche I’m sure we’ve all dated. When he met breath-of-fresh-air Natalie though, Adam seemed to get his shit together. He smiled more, he was charming and genuinely seemed so much happier, which made me feel so much happier for him. That was until he drank, went back to his dirty ways and inevitably Hannah. And so the toxic relationship saga continues. The part of me that crushes on him though would really just like to see him happy again, even if that means breaking Hannah’a heart.


The teen heart throb

What could a bad boy list be without our very first bad boy crushes? The Paceys, Ryans and Jess ‘of the small screen. Out of the three, I’m more of a Jess from Gilmore Girls girl. I find his fast talking and general lack-of-enthusiasm in a small town quite endearing (paving the way for Ron Swanson crushes). The original screw-with-you-till-you-want-more wild boy. While I can still see the appeal in cheeky, sleeping-with-the-teacher Pacey (lol who even liked Dawson anyway) and closed-off, from the wrong sides of the track Ryan (although I’d much prefer Seth),  Jess ultimately hold’s my teen heart (along with music bad-boy Eminem). Bad boys 4 lyfe!


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