I like them chunky

Chunky knits are one of the joys of winter. That and eating lots of soup and never shaving your legs. While I take to the later two like its second nature though, finding just the right chunky knit is quite the quest. In past seasons I’ve ended up just freezing – refusing to settle for second best instead of the one. As a result I had become convinced that knits just weren’t for me. More often than not the chunky ones were too chunky, adding some handle-bars to my proudly svelte waist. Or they were too long. Too drooping. Too cropped. Too itchy. Too expensive – and so on. I’d practically given up hope of finding the perfect one – until a cold winters day when I ran into David Jones desperate for some woollen comfort – and there it was, in the Ben Sherman section of all places. And now it’s mine.


 photo 0c7494ec-cb25-42c8-8a06-55cb4effa476_zpsa632e878.jpg

Soft, cream and wonderfully textured, this cable knit fills a fantastic void in my wardrobe – and would in anyone’s wardrobe. I think the key to a great knit though is shape. A tight collar so you can accessorise with a collared blouse underneath, a hem that stops at the waist and chunky enough to keep you warm without adding a few frumpy kilos to your frame. Plus versatility – forget the Kenzo animal print knits and subsequent rip offs. If you’re looking for a knitted friend to last you all winter, go for a classic colour in an interesting texture and you won’t look back.

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