Obsession: Laura Brown

Images I stole from LB’s instagram and made into a a dodgy photo-shopped shrine

If you don’t already, you really should love Laura Brown – Harpers Bazaar USA’s Features/Special Projects Director  and all round star performer. Far from the introverted and the some what terrifyingly intimidating front-row magazine set though, Laura Brown is the kinda girl who would hand you a glass of bubbly and leave you at ease with some cheeky banter. Maybe something about how she spilt champagne on her pants or joke-stealing your Phillip Lim Pashli. The Aussie accent will let her get away with it too. Yes this incredibly successful girl is Australian, one of us! A fact that perplexes me because I feel like we don’t hear enough about her down under. Forget Jess Hart living in New York. Look at Laura Brown! She’s just as cute, blonde and successful. Give this girl a reality show already!

While I won’t be satisfied till I get to meet and drink with the girl responsible for putting American designers on Sesame Street and the Simpsons in Paris for Harpers, in the mean time I can get my fan-girl fix with her super fun show The Look.

Rachel Zoe Talks Fashion | Harpers Bazaar The Look Created at yt2gif.com


On the show, Laura Brown, in all her blonde hair and milky skinned glory, gets to shoot the breeze and put on that witty banter I was telling you about, with the very best of fashion-ey celebrities. She gets a manicure with Alexa Chung, eats a $1000 sundae with Sofia Vergara, goes grocery shopping with super models and generally just hangs out with the likes of Rachel Zoe, Kate Hudson, Miley and even Elmo. Talk about a great gig! And doesn’t she know it? Not only does she turn on the charm but she’s also super cheeky, quirky, sarcastic and generally shows the celeb in question a good time, while also showcasing a little bit of the subject’s style and personality. Basically, she’s the fashion world’s answer to Amy Poehler and The Look is 8 minutes of pure happiness. Like catching up with some girlfriends, if your girlfriends spoke at super speed and made a habit of wearing Dolce & Gabbana on the reg.

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