Let’s hear it for the noughties


On Friday night I made up for a gym-free week by dancing my thighs off at a nineties night. Nineties nights, incase you didn’t know, are the new current- era nights. There’s just something about nostalgia in all its Instagram filters that this generation can’t help but love. In the midst of belting out En Vogue ballads and cheesing skipping to Let’s Groove TonightI kept willing the tracks to keep going right through to the noughties. When everyone’s favourite voice was the husky shouting of Ja Rule and Britney complained about being overprotected.


With my longing for the sounds of my highschool days, it got me thinking about the style of the early noughties. The hipster jeans, peasant tops, plunging necklines, ghetto bling and Marc Jacobs everything. It may sound unsightly now but who knows, once fashion has finally exhausted the nineties, and surely it’s not far away, that nsync-sounding era may be the next thing. While others may seek to turn a blind eye to noughties fashion, there are some elements from the era that I’ll happily welcome. Like halter necks, chiffon, ruffles, rouching, lace, tea-dresses, strappy sandals, lingerie dressing and lots and lots of pink. Because not only this time around will I be able to afford something more than a $15 top from Warehouse for Fashion, but this time I’ll also know better not to team it with aqua eyeshadow and hologram DC sneakers. Or will I? I guess we’ll have to wait for a noughties night to really see.




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