Wearing red and nothing else

Sure neons still may be about, and fashion seems to be having a blue moment at the moment too, but once you see the beautiful specimen that is Lou Doillon in the latest Barney’s campaign, the only hue that will be on your mind will be red. How stunning is the above picture? The perfectly cropped knit, the shiny draped skirt. It’s sold me. Not only do I want the outfit (and the hair), but all I want to do now, besides have some fun, is have some fun wearing red. In all the shades, and textures, and prints.

 photo tumblr_m2dixenKVX1qiyc7jo1_500_zpsdd1fdb97.jpg photo tumblr_lwgsepJJwT1qb96n0o1_500_zps119d04ce.jpg photo page_60_zps368ccc2b.jpg photo tumblr_m746jcYeEE1qbl4eao1_1280_zps1dd03d2f.jpg photo tumblr_m40j4qfToT1qgjqjmo1_400_zpsd52e10eb.jpeg photo image131_zps7eb8f5d1.jpg



From red hair to red lips and Taylor Swifts album ‘Red,’ the shade really is the ultimate classic. While black may say ‘I’ll be whoever you want me to be,’ red is unapologetic in its boldness. It says ‘I am who I am and if you don’t like it, then I’m too busy looking fabulous to care.’ Its Grace Coddington’s hair, Marilyn Monroe’s lips, Comme Des Garcons love hearts, Santa’s shade du jour and Minnie Mouse’s favourite. And who’s to argue with such a stylish bunch?