You Should Love Ciara


Yes Ciara. She with the goodies and killer dance moves and abs that will make you want to just give up and eat an entire block of chocolate dipped in crunchy peanut butter. More than just a 1,2 step kinda girl, Ciara is still going strong with killer beats, but for some reason doesn’t seem to get the credit she deserves. I mean, I love Rihanna and all, but I feel like Ciara is almost (almost) just as good, and far better than Nicky Minaj. The thing I like about Ciara is that her music is sexy. Bump and grind, too dirrty to clean my act up, sexy. Put it this way, in terms of chocolate divas,  you fall in love to Rihanna (Only Girl in the World, obvs), dance at your wedding to Beyonce (Crazy in Love), then you make your first baby to Ciara (Oh, or Ride or Body Party – oh look the options are endless).


In addition to her sexy beats, her film clips are all so ghetto-fabulous great. All hoop earrings and fur coats. Her dance moves are out of control too. Besides maybe Queen Bey, ain’t no one got as good a moves as Ciara. The girl got flow, and booty, and abs, and life is just no fair. She also has a penchant for singing and grinding with Luda (formal name Ludacris) who is in my top 5 favourite chocolate men (joined by Pharrell, TI, Drake and Donald Glover). So she’s pretty much got it going on in my books. I love her. And you should love her too. Get acquainted/reacquainted with my girl Ciara and get ready for a night-time sessions of dirty dancing in front of your mirror.

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