You shoud Love Big Ang


You should love Big Ang. She of the giant breasts, lips and personality of Mob Wives. A reality show I may or may not admit to watching depending on my intake of alcohol at the time. After chuckling at her raspy one liners and zest for alcohol and wise guys (pronouced waahhhise guuuise), I’ve come to the epiphany that when life gives you lemons, you need to don a push-up bra, order a shot and turn to your inner Big Ang. That voluminous woman inside of you who loves to chuckle, drink and be blunt.

And don’t lie, I know those elements lie deep down inside your soul. The only difference between Big Ang and us is that she has the balls (and the giant breasts) to say it all with no censor. But don’t be mistaken, she’s no villain. The metaphorical birth-mother of Betty Rizzo and Snookie, her honesty is utterly endearing, her shot-in-the-face-with-a-makeup-gun-set-to-whore-looks – utterly hilarious. And did I mention those breasts? The type of watermelons that not even a coked out porn star would agree to. Her knockers are so blatant that they even managed to rape the eye-balls of fashion stylist queen Carine Roitfeld, who commissioned Ang to pose in her CR Fashion Book.

See? You should love Big Ang. Because if she can be fuck-off-fabulous, there’s hope for all of us. One minute you’ll be doing shots at the bar with a Danny Zuko type and then next you returning Carine’s calls and hanging out with all your fans. It can happen! So ask yourself….do you want a drink?



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