Escape to the country

When I was growing up I used to think that the Australian bush was so boring. So quiet. Too quiet. But the older I get, and more city-fied I become, the countryside and it’s quiet lives become  more and more appealing. Days spent reading books on warm grass, horse riding at sunset, swimming at dawn, freshly baked scones enjoyed under gum trees and nights toasting marshmallows by the fire. I was lucky enough to experience such simple yet beautiful pleasures this weekend at the beautiful Spicers Hidden Vale for a ‘work’ trip.

With a picturesque location in Grandchester, only an hour away from Brisbane, we were treated to a very swish limo ride there followed by days of endless eating, animal watching, massages, horse riding, swimming and embracing farm life. The property itself spans 12,000 acres of land, most of which is home to grazing cattle and other wildlife including koalas (one of which we actually got to see), camels, horses, plenty of kangaroos and farm animals. On the homestead, heritage cottage accommodation is teamed with modern facilities like a heated pool, infinity pool, spa facilities and a restaurant which makes everything (right down to the freshly baked bread) on site.

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While my time at Spicers would be perfectly spent at any time, it seemed even more perfect considering my impending move. A holiday in Shanghai come October followed by London where I’ll be staying for who knows how long. I knew I was going to miss Australia, and our ridiculously perfect weather and sun filled lifestyles, but this weekend made it even more apparent. Thanks Spicers for having me and giving me a perfect countryside goodbye.

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