Light and shade

Sunny spring time days look like this. All white lace and straw hats and black leather loafers. They sound like breezes through trees and nothing else. They read like poetry and words written by Patti Smith. They smell like warm bark, vanilla and blossoms. They feel like lace, freshly washed sheets and furry dogs. They taste like fresh bread with Vegemite, lamingtons and green tea. They are simply bliss.

 photo DSC02326_zps58f516c9.jpg photo DSC02340_zpsa855fc76.jpg photo DSC02327_zpsd7803ac5.jpg photo DSC02344_zpsa0ed257d.jpg photo DSC02330_zpsf37d0876.jpg  photo DSC02341_zps03b3385f.jpg photo DSC02339_zps2d5a2fed.jpg photo DSC02348_zps9660bce1.jpg photo DSC02313_zps032a3bff.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Zara straw hat, My Sunday Feeling hello daisy lace dress in cream, Habbot Tellurude loafer, Just Kids by Patti Smith, Jacki Anderson suede pouch

Spring is also the time for some old and new favourites. That beautiful lace dress is indeed a new favourite. A gift from My Sunday Feeling in exchange from some online copy I wrote for their new website. The loafers are also new. After months scouring online for that perfect pair of ‘wear them everyday while pounding the London streets’ I finally found these styles from Jasu. Textured, sturdy and incredibly comfortable, these are the shoes I’m set to start my new life in London in.

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