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A couple of days ago on my daily blog check-in I read a short article about makeup artist Tom Pecheaux on Into the Gloss. It quoted him recalling a time when he convinced Giselle to try wearing red lipstick. Of course, it looked wonderful, because she is Giselle. But that image of her with a fresh face, gold earrings and red-coral lipstick has just burned in my memory every since. That type of look is something I’ve never tried. Like most 20-somethings I’ve pretty much been a smoky eye and nude lip type of girl. Up until now though. With my birthday about to roll around, I’m keen to see my début into the 27-year-old bracket with a fresh face and red-coral lip.

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3.1 phillip lim
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Rag and Bone
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With that Giselle image in mind I’ve been incredibly inspired by the variants on the natural-red-coral lip that has been seen at the recent shows. And to complete the look, I’m loving the idea of fresh skin, a slight slick of mascara and a strong bushy brow. While I continue to fight with hormones to get that ‘fresh skin’ look (does puberty ever end?) the brow part is where I naturally excel thanks to my dad’s hairy genetics. Finally all those years of silent mono-brow suffering in primary school are finally paying off.

As much as I’m sure we’re all sick of caterpillar-browed Cara Delevingne, I’m more than happy for her and her brows to stick around. I’m saving plenty of $$$$ without having to get regular eyebrow waxes.

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