You should love Caroline de Maigret

Let me start by pointing out, before you judge me, I’m not usually one for empty admiration. A groupie for a girl purely because of her style. Often that girl’s got to have a bit of guts and gusto first before I commit to my love. Some substantial proof in her show-pony pudding. Catherine Baba’s life is completely akin to her flamboyant garb. Yasmin Sewell’s style is merely a small percentage of her talent. And of course the late Anna Piaggi was well known for her style but beloved for so much more.

Its for this reason that I’m a little unsure to admit my love for images of Caroline de Maigret. Sure the French maven moonlights as a model (obvs), is a muse to Karl (who isn’t) and produces music (of which I’ve never actually heard), but such features have little to do with my infatuation. Nope. From looks alone, I just love Caroline and maybe you should too.

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I think what makes Caroline’s look so alluring is that its so paired back. Which is strange because when a chemist asks me if I’m allergic to anything I say ‘minimalism.’  And yet I seem to be craving a good dose of Caroline and her sense for a fantastic coat and comfortable pant. I guess in the grand scale of things she’s not entirely minimal, but there is something natural and dare I cringe to say ‘effortless’ about her, especially when placed in a gallery of folk wearing anything and everything that will get them noticed.

I’ve never been one to really praise the Parisian sense of style. The whole concept of simple clothing has always seemed way to easy to give it credit. Anyone can wear a pair of jeans and Brenton stripe tee. Plus i’ve been to Paris and I wasn’t that blown away by sartorial splendour – London to me seems far more interesting – but Caroline’s serving of Parisian style (free of the all black Carine cliches) seems more thoughtful. Despite her closeness to Karl, Caroline is more akin to the epitome of Isabel Marant in all its wearable, worn-in and utterly loveable glory.

I guess in the case of Caroline, less really is more. But then again it wouldn’t really count for much without that hair. A aspirational main of wearable, worn-in and utterly loveable locks.

Images by Tommy Ton for, Phil Oh for Street Peeper, the Thread



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