You should love Nene Leakes

A move to London means a move to watching Made in Chelsea – or so say my Londoner friends. I had my first forced watching recently on Monday night over a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and while the ice-cream was good, the TV show was not.

Sure, I know it has to grow on you and chances are I’ll probably end up caring about Binky and all of the other weirdly named rich kids and their predictable problems, but where I come from (the hood) when I watch reality TV it means sassy black women trying to sass on each other like they’ve never sassed before. Case in point Nene Leaks and the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Those who watch it know it truly is the holy grail of guilty-pleasure trash TV. And those who don’t, don’t know what’s good for them. But they’ll come around. After all, this is where bitches are rich and will happily tell you about it, problems get solved by pulling each other weaves and talking like a southern belle and acting like a hoochie mama comes second nature. Like I said – it’s good! While the whole cast is worthy of praise – notable clicks go to the lady responsible for TLC’s No Scrubs, Candi Burress (yes she wrote it! What did Proudlock ever do?), the queen of the non-house-wives house wives has to go to my favourite celebrity Nene Leakes. Behold the sass, the wit, the crazy faces:


Seriously, she’s the best. While I really can’t get enough of her hilarious quips, what I also love about Nene is her story. Once upon a time she worked in da club as a stripper, and will happily tell you about it. While she was bumping and grinding she met a smooth talking man and fell in love (love in a strip club people). They got married and she became a housewife of Atlanta, until the reality show came round and then she became a star, working her way to Hollywood and roles on Glee and The New Normal.

And as if this stripper-to-star fairytale couldn’t get any better, Nene’s sad and bitter divorce that took place during the show turned full circle when she re-married that very same man that she fell in love while working it on the pole all those years ago. THIS IS REAL LIFE! In true Bravo TV style the recent wedding was of course filmed in a spin-off series called I Dream of Nene – highly recommended viewing if anything to see how fabulous black weddings (and bachelor parties) can be. Yas hunni!




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