Starting all over again

It’s officially been a week since I’ve been in London and I’m already getting into the groove of things. Moving from tropical Queensland to cloudy London was always going to involve an adjustment, mainly on the clothing side of things. And while I have so far been blessed with more sunny blue-sky days than rainy ones, I haven’t skipped a beat with gathering a new wardrobe for my new life. While I did bring over some of my most favourite standout pieces, the plan was to pretty much start my wardrobe all over again. With a few key pieces on my mind, I hit the high street to bring home these goodies.

 photo DSC02585_zps11e9e5ec.jpg

The aim was to purchase two strong outfits that could intertwine with each other as well as compliment the clothes I bought over. While the day of shopping was exhausting to say the least (Oxford Circus certainly lives up to the name), I think I managed to come up with a good starting point.

 photo DSC02579_zpsdf1d24f1.jpg

Clockwise from left: classic camel coat from Zara, soft and silky cashmere turtle neck from Uniqlo, a tartan high waisted midi skirt from Zara, a blue chambray button up from Uniqlo and a faded pair of boyfriend jeans from H&M.

 photo DSC02588_zpsc0a93748.jpg

My makeup and skincare is set for a transformation as well. With nothing more than the occasional chapped lips in winter, I’m going to have to reevaluate my skincare. If you know of any good moisturisers and foundations that do magic in winter, I’d love to hear about them. In the mean time I’ve begun to use the above cult products to help me get on track. The Cyder Vinegar as a toner has been particularly good and leaves me skin feeling soft and clean. While the Suvana balm (purchased before I left home) is bound to run out soon. For anyone that hasn’t used it yet, this stuff is even better than the beloved paw-paw ointment because it’s free of petroleum jelly and so actually helps to repair your skin rather than just act as a barrier.

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