The perfect cat eye

Up until a serendipitous visit to Sephora earlier this year, I’d always been afraid of liquid eyeliner. My penchant for drawing outside the lines and lack of makeup confidence in general gave me a fear of anything that involved a steady hand. That all changed when a beautiful gay-man at Sephora in New York  asked if he could do my makeup, specifically my bushy brows, so he could try out a new product on them (he of course lacked in the brow department). Never one to disagree with a queen, I let him work his fairy-gaymother magic on my brows along with the rest of my face. While the brows did look bold, it was the eyeliner that really garnered my attention. The product in question – Guerlain’s liquid liner in black. With a fantastic exchange rate, I bought it without hesitation, proceeding to fight over it with my mother who eventually won the battle and the liner when I left Australia.   What was great about this liner was it went on so smooth. With a felt tip, the black colour was potent and with a few slicks it left a smooth and silky line. I was converted.


After reading up on other liquid liner experts, I was convinced to try the highly lauded Benefit Magic Ink liner. With a potent black colour that stays and a brush instead of felt tip, this liner requires a bit more skill – one that I’m still trying to perfect. The brush isn’t as thick, so simply slicking on a thick line isn’t as easy. But with a smaller brush comes greater precision and thus the ability to do a perfect cat eye.

I also bought Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and its by far one of the best mascara’s I’ve ever had. I’m lucky enough to have a natural curl in my lashes so with a few swipes of this, my lashes look incredible. And the best part is, you only need a few swipes, anything more and they start to get a bit spidery so just remember not to go overboard.

IMG_5825 IMG_5846 IMG_5856 IMG_5858

Only a week in and I’m already getting more confident with my lining. The trick I’ve realised is to not be afraid to use a decent amount of product to get a potent line and to simply follow the natural line of your eye. It also helps to have a cute short fringe, wear a turtle neck and be humming French music too – you know, for that authentic Anna Karina vibe.

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